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  10 years ago

Hello All,

Encouraged by ‘There are no such things as "stupid" questions’ in newbie section'. I got courage to give an idea i.e. to request for a multi utility (universal) keyboard launcher app with search bar interface.

Mint Smart Bar | Mint Saral Bar | Mint Awesome Bar | Mint Convenience Bar

(Saral means simple, easy, straight forward)

I am an end user and like KISS (Keep It Straight an Simple) Policy.

End users try to avoid terminal because of Terminal – phobia. They do not like to remember too many commands. On the other hand, terminal is easy and gets job done faster.

I got an idea about Smart Bar. It has a search bar (like google search) interface similar to Gnome-do, Launchy and ‘Run Everything’ of E17 DE. But contains more features and may even have capacity to replace DE.

You can...

1. Change system settings (atleast some)
2. Launch / Install / Uninstall applications
3. Search Net
4. Shut down, Reboot, Log Off, Switch User
and more ...

This filter is a dynamic filter with key words, auto-complete feature and searches database for the words being typed (Like Software Center).

A proper master data file with maximum similar words and terminology (along with brief explanation – if possible) should be made, using maximum keywords.

If terminologies for Different versions of Linux / Windows / Mac like (system monitor, task manager) are combined together (using keywords), than it will be very easy for new users to get used to the terminology of Linux.


1. Change Settings:

Change mouse to left handed, simply type.
mouse left

No need to go to settings, mouse, and change it through GUI.


To open System Monitor simply type

System monitor or Task manager (as called in Windows).
It will also show brief description when the word is typed.

Change resolution: Simply type Resolution and drop down option will shows all possible resolutions. Select the one you need, press enter and it’s done.

2. Launch / Install / Uninstall applications

Type Opera to launch ‘Opera’. Also shows very brief description (preferably one line)
Type Install opera to install
Type uninstall opera or remove opera or purge opera to uninstall Opera.

Type writer or word or document to launch LibreOffice Writer
(This shows Libre Office Writer with keywords showing word processor, document processor, writer.)

3. Search Internet

Type firefox:g Linux Mint

This will search google (g shortcut for google) for search string ‘Linux Mint'

4. Shut down, Reboot, Log Off, Switch User

Simply type these words and hit enter.


Idea is:

Fast, Easy and fun way to get job done. Use Less Mouse

No Need to remember commands

Avoid Typing blunders, due to dynamic Drop Down filter showing options.

Windows Switch-overs and Newbies will be more comfortable during first use. Most of us think that OS and GUI should be self-explaining and who do not devote much time to search on or read instruction manual - Typical End Users - consider this attitude for spreading it to atleast home desktops.

Minimalist approach. May save mbs in Ram and use it for resource intensive apps. I believe that RAM should not be eaten up by DE but should be available for apps /Softwares.


Don’t know how much this idea is practical or useful or needed by other users.

Experts' opinion might throw some light on this.


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sunewbie 10 years ago

Sorry friends. I do not regularly log-in.

Thank you for your comments.

I did not knew about LaunchBar. from the webpage, it looks similar to my concept. Frankly, I even did not knew about gnome-do when this idea started to take shape in my mind :), as my name suggests, i am a newbie.

Mint bar would integrate help.

e.g. type 'where are my files shored'
and you get answer.

Type Task manager and it will show an option 'system monitor', with an explanation that describes what it does.

GUI usage will be limited.

I am an end user and not a distro hoper. My knowledge is limited. It is just an idea, which can be taken and coined in another way. The end product can be an entirely different thing.

@blueXrider. Kindly let me know how it is impractical. From standpoint of usability or from programming standpoint.


blueXrider 10 years ago

Conceptional appealing by a new user stand point however impractical of application.

This idea "Mint Smart Bar" would do everything. A little futuristic for the Mint Dev Team. However interesting!

LaunchBar is a smart and powerful, keyboard driven productivity utility that lets you access and control every aspect of your digital life. Whatever you want to get done on your Mac – with LaunchBar it’s only a few keystrokes away see:

This is probably what your looking for.