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  8 years ago

We've got system tray, right, without any opportunity to reduce the space it takes on the panel. So, if a user have many apps launched that put their icons in the tray, it can take one third or more of the panel!

Okay, there's my offer: to add an option of changing the mode of the system tray. Say, you can use the standard mode, and you can choose some kind of list mode (similar to Windows 7 or Windows List GNOME applet), and you can choose the expandable mode where there are a few icons visible in the tray and others are hidden, and you just click on the button to expand the tray and see all the icons.

So, isn't this a good idea? Users can focus on their windows placed on the panel and not all of their tray icons. I mean, yes, tray is made for that - to be aware of what is happening. But there's a lack of hiding some not very necessary icons. For example, Ejecter, Update Manager, bit-torrent client and so on.
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bergamot 8 years ago

Yeah, and my notifications are on the first panel.

bergamot 8 years ago


Well, I'm using two panels already: one is for windows, menu and clock and another is for app short-cuts and different applets.

blueXrider 8 years ago

One solution is to create a panel, move the notifications to it, place the panel at the top of the screen, set the pixels to 24 and auto hide it. Use a second panel on the bottom of the screen for menu and applications. Totally configurable. If your looking for more real estate this may help

bergamot 8 years ago

Okay, mikefreeman, I think your solution is very good. All we need now, suppose, is to get more ideas on the topic and then make out of them some kind of the great solution which can respond to everybody's needs. And which is also possible to create by the Mint team forces.

Thank you for your feedback, all of you, guys.

mikefreeman 8 years ago

Mint would have to re-write the Notification Area applet. Not impossible, but probably not something they would have as a high priority, or even want to do to begin with.

That said, I've always thought it might be nice if someone could create an Indicator Applet for the Notification Area. It could have two modes: "All visible", which would behave similar to what happens now, and "Hidden", which would put all the icons into a menu.

The "Indicator Applet Notification Area" icon behavior could work like this:

1. Since the Indicator Applet handles icons and menus differently, any icon that would normally open something when clicked would have an Open option in their menu. Aside from that, the menu contents would be the same as the normal right-click menu that the current system uses.

2. When in Hidden mode, if an icon changes to notify you of something, a notification bubble pops up with the changed icon and the text that would normally be seen if you hover the mouse over the icon.

3. Also in Hidden mode, any changes to icons triggers an "alert" icon to replace the normal menu icon.

I think this would go a long way toward unifying how panel items work. I might even suggest adding other old-style panel applets to the same menu.

bergamot 8 years ago

to remoulder
As soon as we have the main edition based on the GNOME 2 environment, I think there's no need to mention GNOME 3 yet.

to trollboy
Agreed. However, Mint is not only a kernel, codecs, pre-installed applications, themes, and wallpapers, right? Mint is also the GNOME, as soon as it is now the main edition. So, what's the issue? If Mint is GNOME which it integrated in, I suppose Mint team should consider remaking some GNOME things.

Okay, in the default GNOME 2, do we have a Mint menu? No. So, it's a GNOME feature just for the Mint OS. And that's a feature not only for this environment, but for XFCE as well. So, my point is -- there are should be some changes in GNOME environment since Mint is closely integrated into it. And they shouldn't be waved away just due to their connection with some particular components of the system. As you can see, all that we have in Mint are mainly not native Mint things. So you can easily wave away any changes for the system that you consider based on this idea of something beyond the duty area of the development team.

I just want to offer good and interesting ideas to discuss so that we can built the better system which can match with everyone's needs.

trollboy 8 years ago

I don't think this is a bad idea but it may be an upstream one rather than Mint specific. By upstream I mean that it would need to be done for Gnome, XFCE, KDE and all desktop environments used by the Mint editions. In which case it may be better being developed by the appropriate project teams.

On the other hand, a Mint extension to the notification area(s) would be another USP for the distro.

remoulder 8 years ago

Mint are not the developers of the Gnome panel or the indicator applet. There are various panel applets you can add to reduce clutter but this is likely to be a moot issue anyway with gnome 3.