Improvements of Mint Menu

  8 years ago

I have noticed a few annoying things when using the Mint Menu that I think needs fixing.

1. Separators can be added, but not deleted. It would be good if you would be able to do that.
2. When hovering over an item in the Favorites section and then moving your mouse somewhere else, the hovered item is not deselected.
3. The search bar can not be removed. Most people probably want it there but not everyone. I wouldn't have added this complaint if it weren't for the fact that the rest of the menu is customisable.

That's all. I hope it doesn't seem as though I dislike the Mint Menu, because I think it's great. I just think it could be even better.
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Doug54 6 years ago

This is similar to the idea I just added, at Everybody has their own ideas regarding how best to organize the menu system and where to put app launchers, etc.. so I think that a framework needs to be written which allows easy user customizing of the menu system. This would be beneficial across all desktops, and indeed, across all flavors of Linux.

bruceoutdoors 7 years ago

hacking /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintMenu/applications.list doesn't work. I found that out the hard way -.- You modify a config file that's inside a hidden directory:


remember to log out and log in to see the changes. --Mint 13 xfce


oscar799 7 years ago

Marked "Considered"

blueXrider 8 years ago

The MintMenu should be a little more configurable than it currently is.

You can hack the /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintMenu/applications.list removing or adding separators and or different .desktop items.

The MintMenu is written in python 2.0 so it is possible to modify.

kazztan0325 8 years ago

I agree with your suggestion 1.

I am looking for the way to delete separators on mintMenu too, but I have not found it yet.

Menu item "Delete this separator" should be contained in context menu on Favorites of mintMenu.

Emil89 8 years ago

@Can0dope I'm using the main version of Katya.

Can0dope 8 years ago

Which version are you referring to? I have LXDE, and I don't see a search bar anywhere... Still gonna promote this because even though I haven't messed with it much, your idea makes sense. If you can add something that easily, it should be just as easy to delete it.

trollboy 8 years ago

You can delete separators, but you have to directly edit the Mint Menu config file to do so. It does seem a strnage ommission to an otherwise excellent menu.

It seems to be actively developed though so these will at least be considered.