Default Mail-Checking App

  8 years ago

This is the minor idea connected with other ones:
Default Address Book -
Universal Mail-Checking Applet -

I think it would be great to have the complete email environment with email client, address book (not embedded in client), and such small app for checking our mail without having actually to launch the big
app like Thunderbird.

So, my suggestion is just to include such a small mail-checking app: Popper -

This app was found and announced to me by Alexio, many thanks to him.

I think it's very simple to do that, but it's a great small idea for making our favorite system a little bit more comfortable and user friendly.
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bergamot 8 years ago

Thank you! I've already check it out.

Alexio 8 years ago

The tutorial about Popper - the e-mail notifier and indicator is now available on this community website.