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  10 years ago

I really like dark themes, they're ususally much easier on the eye, and also look more bad-ass! So I'm like to see a native dark theme for Linux Mint. The most evident solution would be to alter the current bright theme into a dark one. What I've got currently is Aurora-Midnight elements combined with Shiki-Metacity borders, Ubuntu fonts (-1 ponts smaller than the default settings, it looks more mature this way), Faenza-Dark icons, and I actually like the outcome. However, this could look much better if all these litte parts would be unified and put into a new mint theme.
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TEHTUM 5 years ago


S0ul 8 years ago


Here's my version of a Dark Mint theme , combination of Android for cinnamon, ACID Green as the window theme, and the GTK+ theme delorean-dark-theme-3.6 tweaked for green colors instead of blue :)

easy 9 years ago

It's all right now. When I've written this idea, Cinnamon did not exist. Anyway, I'm using XFCE now and I'm very happy with it! :)

josefg 9 years ago

I believe dark themes can save battery life for certain types of monitors - at least the types used on some smartphones. However, I don't know if those monitor types are used at all on normal laptops and netbooks.

kazztan0325 10 years ago

Thank you, @compuman2004 !

kazztan0325 10 years ago

I like both Light Themes and Dark Themes.
It would be nice if we could ask Dev Team to create a new Theme 'Mint-X_Dark-Metal'.

In this connection, this is a sample screen-shot of my Desktop which is applied one of Dark theme.

Right-click on image and click on 'Open Image in New Tab' in context menu, you would be able to see larger image.

islandmonkey 10 years ago

Yeah. In fact, there used to be a dark theme used by default in Mint 8 and 9, I believe. Perhaps they could use that again.

remoulder 10 years ago

This would be better posted on the forums

blueXrider 10 years ago

Now that you have a Theme package put together, go to> Menu> Preferences> Appearance> and do a "save as". Upload it to http://linuxmint-art.org/ so all can share.