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 Installer for total 1st-timers

Created 7 years ago, edited 7 years ago.
Status changed 6 years ago

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I just installed LinuxMint as my first Linux distro, and I wanted to keep Windows 7 as my security blanket for a while. However, when I was installing, it wasn't exactly clear what I was supposed to be doing and I installed Mint in place of Windows 7. If there was a more newbie-friendly installer to help walk you through, I think it would be a great improvement.


6 years ago

I agree with joelz: for me the installer is really user friendly. But if is wasn't totally clear for ViolinNut, it might be unclear for other users. I think ViolinNut's remark should be taken in account.  
6 years ago

wow I completely disagree. I am running Mint 12 and the installation options are very clear. as soon as you click the "install button" (think its options>install ?) there are 3 options, basically like: install along side windows, over windows, or custom. Each section explains what they are, so for me it's very user friendly.  
7 years ago

I agree @sunewbie . I had read the documentation for Mint 11, but at the very last, I was unsure and wound up choosing the wrong partition, leaving me without Windows. I wound up not minding and not re-installing Windows, but it could really scare someone off.  
7 years ago

I think @sunewbie 's post contains very important suggestions for Mint Team.
7 years ago

While upgrading mint guide would be a good option. It is an ongoing process.

However, when you are installing operating system, i agree with @McLovin , you have to search BEFORE install. Afterall, it is an operating system, not a software. To add to it, most hardware vendors (including mine) do not install Linux in general, so better do a survey.

When I decided to give Linux a try, (after XP crashed 2 times on 10 days), the obvious choice was Ubuntu 9.1 (the then latest version). You will have to rely on internet connection, be patient and cautiously take decision to install.

I think Mint team should highlight some points, which I think are useful.

1. Use of Virtualbox

2. Trouble shooting guide while installing, in printer friendly format with screenshots. Explain dual boot and triple boot.

3. explaining hard disk format i.e. ext3, ext4

4. explaining Linux File structure (this can be done after installation during welcome screen)

5. How to remove Mint and restore NTFS file system, ensure windows to boot properly. Explain the use of Gparted or any similar app for windows.

6. Display trouble shooting guide separately on downloads page, and necessity to read it, since Linux is new (for newbies) OS and not just a software.

Everything is there, but needs to be searched.

The challenge is to synchronize info by giving in proper links, collecting info at one place, organize it, so that new users (mint Mint aims at) get most info (if not all) at one place, maybe one home page and on download page.

If things are given proper focus, on websites, new users can benefit form it. This will reduce newbies, who go away from Linux after breakdown.

I think this needs a collective community effort, and advanced users could help end users, like me, by creating a better installation guide, for the good of all.
7 years ago

the problem is that the Mint installer is built from the Ubuntu installer, and then modified to fit the needs of Mint.
The screenshots of the installation should be no problem to get up to the installation guide, I will work on getting the images needed, and then see if I can get them posted to the guide, or I will talk to Clem to ask him to add them, but it may take a little time, as I do have a day job, and other responsibilities lol.
I will be honest though, I don;t think a new installer will be made, as when you are going to install a whole new OS, you really should read the install guides, and do research BEFORE doing the install, not when you have an issue, that's how things get broken.
7 years ago

I may not mind not having Windows. I decided that since I was stuck booting only Mint until I took the time to re-install Windows, I may as well try not having Windows. The only things I miss are Microsoft Office (I had just gotten it) and iTunes for the iPod management to be easy. I did install Vista on a Virtual Machine to see if iTunes will behave itself.  
7 years ago

I haven't found a great "first-timer-user-friendly" installer yet. It usually takes a couple of times screwing up before getting it right.

I agree Mint, Ubuntu in a whole needs a better installer. Screen shots would help per @kazztan0325 to assist in the install. Linking the users manual per @RayWoods is also a thought and it would also be nice to have pop-up along the way.

Now @compuman2004 knows what is happening here but for the first timer it could be a nightmare. Better have a repair disc ready!

Agreed, need a better installer.
7 years ago

There is no screen-shot which are related to "In case when user choose to install it alongside other operating systems" and "In case when user choose to specify partitions manually" on Page 14-15 in 'Official User Guide'.

I think proper screen-shots should be added there.

7 years ago

Perhaps a link to the relevant User Guide should be included on each page of the installer. Yes, I know you should really read this before but we do what we do and only read the instructions in an emergency!  

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