[mintInstall] Separate GUI apps from commandline tools

  9 years ago

One could add an option to the Software Manager to display only GUI applications, or only CLI applications, depending on what type of software one is browsing for. Very often, it is either one or the other, but rarely both.
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sunewbie 10 years ago

good idea for end users. promoting

bergamot 10 years ago

Yeah, I agree. Often to find out if the program is created with GUI, I need to get the screenshot of it.

blueXrider 10 years ago

Just another reason I use Ubuntu Software Center. It will tell you "these programs are run from a terminal" and then state the programs.

Go to synaptic and search "software-center" latest version is 4.0.5

hamburn 10 years ago

I like it. Often I see a application, that I think is useful, install it and it shines not up in the menu.

With that idea I can avoid this problem.