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  9 years ago

For the beginner (I hate the term Newbie, well that would be me) it is a constant source of frustration that all the advice on fixing some problem does not throw the door open to a better understanding of Linux' structure. So why can't WE ( why not think of our mint that way), why can't we have a bibliography, or library, with suggested reading that would lead the user to a more organized way to exercise the self-help that is really at the heart of using open source anything.

In other words, forum moderators might suggest to read certain chapters in a certain book ..Linux For Dummies comes to mind, I have here a copy, outdated, but my preglacial unix training, plus that Dummies book give me a certain structured, approach.

The demise of Borders Books is especially painful, I remember I picked up the aforementioned copy and, thanks to it, became a Linux conscious person, many years ago. (Actually shameful to admit that I am still pretty helpless.)

Well, in short, how about making a list of suggested reading, with a list of topics, things that maybe, statistically, keep coming up in the forum, time and again.
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rainserpent 9 years ago

I would love to find a Mint Wiki up and running with a suggested bibliography added to it. A comprehensive manual would also be fun.

For the intermediate Mint user, Ubuntu Unleashed seems to be helpful.

kazztan0325 9 years ago

I didn't know the happenings "there was a mint wiki, but was discontinued due to spamming" as @sunewbie wrote.

I think, Mint Team devise the provision against spamming, and should revive the Mint Wiki.

sunewbie 9 years ago

I completely agree with @McLovin .

I think, a collaborative effort is needed by the community, to create and maintain. I think there was a mint wiki, but was discontinued due to spamming, i guess. I may be out of memory.

open_geek 9 years ago

intresting idea, the main purpose is important but we need to find a way to do this is through a web site a program a wiki....

kazztan0325 9 years ago

Dear Moderators,

Isn't the decision (to be Considered or to be Rejected) on this post too early?

I think an idea need to be discussed among Community members for a while no matter the idea is good or bad.
It is possible the discussion would bring some good thoughts into being.

So I hope Moderators would handle comparatively older ideas (a few months ago - over 1 year ago) first of all.

Best regards,


kazztan0325 9 years ago

I agree with @blueXrider .
Mint Team is too busy to make a list of suggested reading.

I think it would be nice if there were a module like wiki in this community.
Then we would be able to make not only a list of suggested reading but also other useful information by community members's collaboration.

McLovin 9 years ago

This is a good idea, though it is very difficult for the devs to be able to do such a thing and keep it updated, as we are all busy making the new iso images, and updating the current releases to keep things up to date an working properly on the end users system. We would need someone who has the time, and knowledge to take on such an undertaking, in other words, we need more volunteers, in order to implement this. Though I do agree that this is a good idea.

blueXrider 9 years ago

That is quite a undertaking. I don't see the Mint Team doing this. However you may want to search in the forums.

Emil89 9 years ago

Interesting idea. I like it.