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  12 years ago

I think most of us have already spent a whole afternoon or night in front of the computer - sometimes even more than one whole day! - because of a damn unexpected BIG problem with the computer. I don't mean xorg problems, but the kind of thing that makes you open the CPU, reset the BIOS, mess with HD jumpers, run filesystem checks from comand line or liveusb... (I have recently done all of these at once, hence the idea...).

I think could have a section where the readers could publish "computer chronicles", in a more or less literary sense, telling the people about the journey of solving his specific problem, including enough technical detail to allow some other people to learn a thing or two (perhaps show an innovative way to figure a solution), but also to share a somewhat "nerd/do-it-yourself" computer experience.

Specifically for the intended audience of Mint users (not mainstream enough to keep using windows or calling paid support all the time, not die-hard-technicians enough to solve these problems as easily as it takes to change a password).

All in all, a place like a bike-shop (I'm a cyclist) where one would seek some help, chat a little with friends, and tell/hear some anecdotal stories like "oh, no, you did that thing too! Unlucky you! (lol)."

P.S.: If it eventually comes to being, please choose a better name than "MyLastBigComputerProblem"...
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RayWoods 10 years ago

In my opinion Tutorials are not only for the how to do something but how you managed to...
A) get into trouble.
B) the route you took in finding a solution. then...
C) how you got out of the muck and reached salvation stories.

The tutorial pages do it for me, sorry @heltonbiker.

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heltonbiker 13 years ago

@adaemox: a tutorial shows how to do things in a planned way, the right way, with a definite purpose. It has nothing to do with resolving unpredictable issues on the fly with the only resources available (tools, skills, knowledge...).

remoulder 13 years ago

FullCircleMagazine? Link a blog page to their profile? Why do we need another section that I doubt would be used much?

adaemox 13 years ago

How is this different from the tutorial section on the website?

heltonbiker 13 years ago

@Rovanion: I think like you either. I guess the solution itself would be much better looked for in forums, which exist many and very good ones in ubuntu community sites. This journal-form is meant to aggregat knowledge much more from a computer-culture point of view than a technological one, somewhat of a leisure way to write and read about the universal situation of fighting against/in-favour of your own machine, much like a knight fights for killing the dragon AND saving the princess at the same time (just in this case the deffective computer (beast) BECOMES the prize (working computer / princess)). - excuses for the poetic coloring...

Rovanion 13 years ago

Interesting idea. It could work, tough I think that having it in this journal-form may be ineffective for someone who has a problem. It may be hard to find others with the same problem as you while it is easy to see what issues a specific user has been trough.