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  10 years ago

I think mint team should add for rules for qualifying a tutorial.

Currently tutorials are only reviewed. Rules can be found in the below link


There is a reason to do so.

If incomplete / wrong / misleading info is given or more worse, if a dangerous command is displayed, it might break your system. A way has to be found to check the quality of tutorial.

Since Mint is aimed at end users and not tech geeks, we end users, believe whatever is said and follow the instructions.

Some rules should be setup which are necessary to follow by anybody giving a tutorial. since it is difficult for a mod to check all tutorials, mods can take help from community.

1. Voting: If the tutorial has negative votes, then moderator should look into the matter.

2. Incomplete Tutorial: If any Community member find the tutorial inappropriate / misleading / incomplete, then he/she should make a valid comment, informing the author to make it complete to be of any use.

3. Flag button: If after commenting, there is no response from the author in a fixed time, then any community member can flag the tutorial, so that the mods can have a look at it and decide further action.

This will helps mods to filter out their work. If not all, most tutorials can be filtered in this way.

This will also ensure that Mint community gives end user friendly quality tutorials. It will benefit all.

If you find any other way to make Mint Community tutorial better, please comment below and we will incorporate it in the idea itself.

It is created by users for users. So a collective effort is needed with the help from mods and dev team.

@BluXrider has given good tips on how to write a tutorial.

How to write a tutorial
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sunewbie 10 years ago


I understand.

This idea was a result of very less mod activity. There was a phase, before you were a mod a community, where we all thought that the mods are not reading our ideas. So many of us were a bit down :(

Then community got a new dedicated server and new (active) mods :)

Regarding tutorials, Clem has stated that mods are not expected to check the quality of tutorial, but only categorize it. Hence this idea.

Nice to see that ideas are reviewed, no matter if they are rejected. Status of an Idea helps us to know the direction of Mint better :)


sunewbie 10 years ago

It is, But I am a good boy :)

blueXrider 10 years ago

Thanks for the credit but isn't it really about helping the Community.

sunewbie 10 years ago

With due respect to @remoulder
I understand what you say and like your concern.

To all:
Tutorial, my nature should be easy to understand, complete with screenshots (if necessary). This is my understanding of the word 'Tutorial'. Few good tutorials are better than tonnes of incomplete tutorials. This is my opinion.

In case if anybody posts half tutorial. Then fellows members can request the author to add / change some info. This will also be a learning exp for the author and for everybody. Incase the author do not respond for a long time, then one can flag and report this tutorial for mods who regularly delete ideas and tutorials. This will help them to reduce their work to. you can refer to the moderator page


Scroll down and on the right side under the title 'Latest Activity', you can see that mods are deleting ideas / tutorials and even users.

The end result will be a quality tutorial, which will give good impression for new comers like me.

NOTE: Earlier comment deleted)

sunewbie 10 years ago

my idea is that Mint community should have quality tutorial. Ways by which this can be achieved can be different.

A quality tutorial can be marked as safe or complete.

I feel @blueXrider has given important info.

sunewbie 10 years ago

Thank you all for your inputs.

As an end users, I am not skilled enough to know the quality of tutorial. After reading the comments, I am in more dilemma, whether to apply it or leave it. The info you are looking for is found, but you are not sure, weather you should apply it or not.

For an end user, what is the use or benefit of such tutorial and such system if it is not helpful to end users. Power users can easily identify if anything is wrong or are able to fix if something is broken. If something goes wrong, end user will loose confidence in the tutorial and in future will hesitate to apply it. Will the purpose get solved with the current setup and rules about tutorial.

I partially agree that it is not a task of moderator and have even mentioned it in the idea, I think somebody who is senior like you should take active part in it. If not all, then at least some tutorials will be more or less complete, to an extend that they are safe to be applied by end users.

My personal opinion (please correct me if I am wrong)

End users have different psychology then advanced users. Linux world is highly influenced by advanced users and popularity of Arch Linux, Slackware, Chakra Linux on Distrowatch are proof. Much voice that you here on internet, comments, review and the displeasure about the direction of gnome team and Ubuntu (Unity) are mostly by advanced users. There is a big Gap of communication, working style, use and choices of distro between an end user and a tech geek. This is one of the reason why Linux is still suffering from Bug#1 For Linux Mint the status is 'In Progress' :)

blueXrider 10 years ago

Tutorials should include information relating to the distro they are written for, purposed outcome and testing of the system.

This should also include drawbacks if any. Modification needed or substantial software dependencies. IMO if this is not included then how are we to trust the authors advise.

remoulder 10 years ago

This seems to be your opinion rather than an idea per se, and strikes me as be attempt at censorship. Whilst I share your desire that all posts should be factually accurate, it is not the task of the moderators to determine the technical merits of a post imo. If users don't like a post they should vote against it or ignore it, if they think it is incorrect they should comment accordingly. Placing restrictions or conditions on posts will simply deter users from making posts at all.

RayWoods 10 years ago

As things stand one could write a tutorial that purports to do one thing but, in the mysterious (to many of us) writings of terminal scripts, could do some serious damage to your system. (Rather like a manual computer virus!!)

It would be nice to know that there is some editorial control for these page should things go bad, (be it intentionally or unintentionally by the author).