Add link to share tutorial on Facebook or Twitter

  7 years ago

Add link to share tutorial on Facebook or Twitter.This will improve use of Linux Mint community website to all the end users and authors will be enthused to write better and simple tutorials.
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joelz 7 years ago

disagree. if someone wants a tutorial, they know to come here for it. that's what this site is for. people use social networking for that purpose only. besides, it would be posting all this stuff to a whole bunch of people who may not have a clue about LM. it doesn't make sense.

waterchan 7 years ago

+1: Social networking is great when useful knowledge and ideas are exchanged instead of pointless banter.

MadhaniHarsh 7 years ago

@prativasic:yes,thats what i want to make it.Flexibility gives more attraction to users to work.

prativasic 7 years ago

That is a compulsory. In fact this community site should be much more flexible than being just plain and simple.