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  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

The purpose of community portal is to help all those interested gather, share ideas, discuss and help each other. Sure, there is a chat here, but a forum is what binds the community together. Furthermore, for a newbie or someone trying to make their way through the numerous linux distros, in general migth look confusing and loose. There is already a community section on Maybe a redesigning of the whole website layout will be useful.
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bernd-wechner 3 years ago

The lack of a link from to is puzzling to say the least. Chat simply does not suffice and what about a forum is not community? Duly upvoted.

td27 5 years ago

After 4 years, maybe this idea should get a serious look.
Perhaps the community could be involved in the actual "sorting and triage" necessary in re-designing the website layout.
As a newbie, it's quite daunting at the moment.!

donalduck 5 years ago

Also it would be great to "upgrade" search engine.
I don't understand why a search on "nemo" (e.g. the mint cinnamon official file manager) leads to nowhere...

Please consider also adding a section (somewhere in community or forum website) for each official mint software/component !

dsgna89 5 years ago

May I add that it is cumbersome to have two seperate logins for the community and forums. Also there's much better user experience if the two were linked, for example with shared XP etc.

tekgnu 6 years ago

There should be a clear linkage between the two toolsets. The issue piece is listed under the "Improve this website", which links to Github and most of the issues out there, do not have anything do with the website.

Mintification 7 years ago

I honestly hope this great idea goes through. Waiting for approval... :)

oscar799 7 years ago

Idea put forward for consideration

RavS 7 years ago

Excellent idea! I don't know how much having different sites for different purposes is a good idea. Having everything integrated will make it easier for users to flock from one place to another within Linux Mint.

blueXrider 7 years ago

Yeah! One place to go, Have Community, Chat, Forums, Wiki and Blog all in one place.

One password for all.

sythe 8 years ago

As a web developer, this doesn't seem difficult to implement.
Drupal even has a forum and blog system, in fact the entire Linux Mint network could be integrated.

orionthehunter 8 years ago

The mint website is far to disparate. There is a complete lack of continuity between the main websites, the blog, the community website, and the forums... This needs to improve in the future. User needs to at least feel like he's in the same realm of the web.

mikefreeman 8 years ago

Agreed. This day and age, it's expected that community/social web services are integrated.

Koffeehaus 8 years ago

I totally agree. To me, the whole Linux Mint web portal looks a bit inconsistent. If all the websites had similar design patters it would make it look more professional.

Also I think it'd be nice if the websites featured some design elements from the desktop itself, like the grey metal-ish motives from the new Mint 10.

morph 8 years ago

Yes I agree, iam a relatively new-comer to linux and Mint linux but had a problem during installation, I registereed on here, the Community website but also had to register on Linux Mint forums to get answers for my Problems.

tpapastylianou 8 years ago

I both agree and disagree.

I agree with @linux01 that the community website is slick as it is, and cluttering it by integrating it with the Linux Mint homepage and forums might decrease usability.

I do however think that links to both the main website, the packages section, and forums, should be easily and visibly accessible from the main menu. (yes I *have* just spotted the tiny links at the bottom of the page, but that's not exactly user friendly or obvious is it)

I think attaching to the HOME tab on the top left a cascading menu to include links to the main Linux mint page, packages, Forums or whatever else is useful and relevant, to be integration enough.

"Make things as simple as possible; no more, no less." (~paraphrased from Einstein)

penguinuser 8 years ago

I agree with this.

First time I came to the Mint Community website I didn't know why I couldn't login with the username and password I use for the Mint forums.

I later figured out I needed to register separately for the Mint forums.

This is confusing for a new user.

Registering for the Mint forums should also automatically register for the Community website.

linux01 8 years ago

I disagree. I think this would cause clutter and decrease general usefulness and usability.

The Community and Forums serve two different purposes; it makes sense to keep them as two separate "sites".

timoto 8 years ago

1 site not 3, sounds good to me.

germanix 9 years ago

I could not agree more. I do not want to have to jump from one site to the next. A portal sounds like a good idea. One should however also not duplicate things where they are not needed. We currently have "Chat", "Ideas" directly in the Forum so why here also? Why move the Wiki here? This is all very confusing and seems to split rather than unite the community. I even have to register and login for each separate site!

heltonbiker 9 years ago

I agree that the web pages regarding linux mint should be integrated, instead of having multiple sites with multiple structures and different layout. Something like a "mint portal" with ALL sites regarding Linux Mint, with at least some layout resemblance. In the other hand, Google has many different "sites" (Panoramio, Orkut, Picasa) which are rather "standalone", and it seems to work, but the purpose of those standalone deployments is quite particular to each one, which is not the case with Mint, whose sites are all about community using the distro (I think).