diversification of mint usage

  8 years ago

hello community,
In Africa,Linux Mint users are not much as expected but some solutions are here.Getting closer to University Students and Teaching Curriculum On Mint usage could be a solution.Currently ,am teaching my fellow students on the importance of using Linux mint and almost a quarter of the campus students are using Linux mint now.So mint users should strive to advertise and reach many as first as possible.Use even Social sites if possible.From Kipyegonchep

KENYA.UEAB campus.
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Alexio 8 years ago

The Linux Mint Community Blog has more than 170 followers and the most interesting posts are reblogged by the tumblr users.

viking777 8 years ago

Well I am not sure how big the Kenya.Ueab campus is, but our present world map shows only 35 users in Kenya, maybe they are all on the same campus?

Neither am I sure exactly what Kipyegonchep is asking for here, but no matter, I feel the idea of promoting Mint in Kenya (or anywhere for that matter) is vitally important, and anybody who is promoting it in areas where it is so little used can only be applauded.

That is why I am marking this idea as 'considered'. This doesn't mean anything will happen, but hopefully it means that the dev team will consider it and work out some way to help our friend Kipyegonchep.

Alexio 8 years ago

We can promote Linux Mint using the community videos.

psyckers 8 years ago

I guess what is key here is that we love the good work that goes into Linux Mint, we should now spread the word so that others enjoy computing freedom.