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 LMDE with Lxde, Or create a DVD with gnome, xfce and lxde

Created 6 years ago, edited 6 years ago.
Status changed 5 years ago

52 votes

It would be a woderful idea to make a .iso with LMDE with Lxde for computers with low ram, or old computers.

Or create a DVD iso with gnome, xfce and lxde and select what desktop do you want to install, gnome, xfce or lxde or install the 3 desktops or 2 desktops, or 1 desktop, all this in the LMDE.



5 years ago

this is a great idea.
sadly it has been rejected.

I'm crying in silence so nobody near to me knows.
5 years ago

after the recent blog post, it is confirmed that there will be no LXDE and Fluxbox editions :(

see comments

Clem's quote
"The team is currently working on KDE and Xfce editions for Linux Mint 13. After a poll was organized, it was decided the focus was going to be given to the most popular desktops within the Mint community. More focus was given to Xfce and the LXDE and Fluxbox editions which were previously only available in 32-bit were discontinued."
6 years ago

Instead of supporting and releasing a myriad of versions of Mint I would like to stick with 1 and making that one perfect. Mint and Linux in general is too fragmented as it is already.  
6 years ago

while i agree with @kazztan0325 and @compuman2004 , I appreciate @Mclovin 's sincerity and honesty.

I understand that mods are volunteers. Mint new version is released every six months and there are one year ideas which are still new. Atleast make another option 'viewed', so that we are not disheartened.

I, personally, understand that you and other mods cannot devote more time. No offences.

just my 2 cents.
6 years ago

I agree with @McLovin .

Clem is planning to shift even KDE to LMDE. He stated in a comment when mint 12 RC was released. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Better would be a meta package like mint-lxde-meta-package, mint-xfce-metapackage, etc. as said by @fabietto0102

If there was a script / code that only loaded default apps of that DE, unless user manually permits a particular app (e.g. k3b to be available to all users in all DE), should be a better option. Else having so many DE and their default apps are already installed, it becomes a mess.
6 years ago

This is a great idea
i have a old computer and this is wellcome

6 years ago

I promote the two main desktop edition choices, namely the Gnome and XFCE edition one.
And for those who do not Gnome, etc. Mate, or want to use.
And there are more than you think.
And not everyone wants or can use a Debian rolling release.
And so do you have for the main issue at least two choices.
I will at least not use the Mint 12, so after the end of the support of Isadora 9 will probably be my last Mint.
Whether there was a future Main XFCE edition come.
6 years ago


Don't you remember the most important thing for Moderators at present?
Don't you remember our opinions in the thread of comments on the idea ""Like" a comment or topic in the forum" ?

6 years ago

Making a DVD with all the desktops is really not a viable option, as the DVD would be too large for alot of users, especially the ones that the LXDE would aimed, however making an LXDE version would be a good idea, and one that I have been toying with myself.
As for XFCE, there is a LMDE XFCE version, it is on the main download area of here is the direct link to the LMDE downloads section,
6 years ago

i agree with fabietto0102. lmde diverse iso for download, every desktop solution separately image for download.  
6 years ago

LinuxMint Debian and standard should both stick to GNOME by default. That's why Linuxmint is so good. Now why should an ISO be created with LXDE, XFCE and all others DE? That would just make the iso bigger and longer to download. Rather, and here I support you fully, these DE could be made available in the repository for you to install by apt-get install lxde-desktop xfce-desktop

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