Mint 12 - top panel problem – possible solution

  9 years ago

While reading comments for “Linux Mint 12 preview” I've seen that a lot of users really don't like the top panel and that there is probably no easy way of removing it. I think that a possible solution for this problem would be using “Window Applets” in the top panel:

Of course, the Applets would have to be ported to gtk3 - which could require quite time-consuming - that's why I'd like to outline the advantages of taking such a step. On a positive note, the Applets developer supports the idea – see the above-mentioned site - page 17 of the comments section.

1. The top panel would actually be changed into a title bar with additional features (like the system tray). Obviously, the title bar of the maximized windows would be removed thus saving some vertical space. This way the upper part of the desktop would be very similar to what the users had for many years – title bar on the very top and window buttons in the very top right hand corner. It is a very important design feature as the Applets' author puts it: “GNOME violates Fitts's Law by putting a panel between the maxed window buttons and the corner of the screen. The user has to be able to interact with (aka to click) the buttons even if the mouse cursor is at the very edge of the screen.  It is the main reason why I started the project” 1.png

2. Window Buttons in the Applets have a wonderful option to control not only the maximized windows but also any focused window. It may seem that it's not a very important feature but after using it for a couple of months it's really hard to imagine the desktop without it. Because of that I think that making “Window Applets” a part of the default Mint desktop would significantly improve its productivity. 2.png

3. People who don't need the window title could remove the applet and use the space for window list, thus having all the basic controls on the top panel – which, IMHO, also improves the productivity of the desktop. 3.png

4. Since the proposed solution is about applets, people who don't like them could easily switch them off and configure the desktop the way they want it. I think that the more configurable the Mint desktop is the more users would choose it and use it with pleasure.

If possible, before voting please try using the applets on top of Gnome 2 desktop for a while – just to get the feel of what I' proposing.

If You choose 'demote' I'd highly appreciate a short justification.
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kazztan0325 9 years ago

Unfortunately, moderators have not noticed the fact yet.
So I had posted an idea "[Tell Moderators] Button" and @dagon has changed its status as Considered 2 month ago, but nothing has happened yet.

quake0 9 years ago

So has this been implemented.

kazztan0325 9 years ago


"GNOME Shell Window Buttons extension" is out!

See > "Get Unity-Like Window Buttons On The Top GNOME Shell Bar"

kazztan0325 9 years ago

I like there are 'Window Applets (Window Buttons)' and 'Appmenu' on the left side of top panel when application window is maximized.

Actually I use 'Lisa with XFCE' now, and there is 'Indicator Appmenu Plugin' on the left side of top panel.
I myself hope 'Xfce Window Applets Plugin' would be developed someday.

Sorry for my comments which is not concerned with " 'Window Applets' on the top panel of GNOME3 ".

blueXrider 9 years ago

I really don't care for the new release myself.

I can see potential but as it stands its so unrefined. I fail to see the purpose to make an early release such as this. Yes, I realize its an RC but understanding that MINT is a superior distro to others because of the polish and the user-friendly interface. "Lisa" does not have that look and feel that MINT so produces for its users.

Question remains. Is it a mistake?

Now to transform the distro into anything usable one has to have the ability to code. NO! Not for me.

Lets get real. We were waiting and hoping and looking forward to install a bright shiny new OS, one that our desktop didn't look like over crowded with icons and one that had the functionality of Gnome.

MATE is a work in progress and will continue however it isn't ready to go the distance yet.

Emil89 9 years ago

I think the top panel should just be removed or at least removable. My OS philosophy is that if you can't customize it, you shouldn't use it!

mroova 9 years ago

@ remoulder:

Have You read the comments for “Linux Mint 12 preview”?

It is evident that a lot of users are dissatisfied with the idea of not being able to remove the top panel. Even Clem said that "The top panel is a limitation from Gnome 3"
Do You have any arguments supporting Your theory that the problem exists only for me?

remoulder 9 years ago

This is a solution to a problem that doesn't seem to exist except maybe for you. When Mint 12 is available, users will be able to make up their own minds.