Reduce the size of the updates from the Linux Mint repository

  12 years ago

Use the delta downloads to reduce the size of the updates, making it friendly with people with dial-up. For examples on how to implement this see the PiSi package manager from Pardus Linux or the delta RPMs from openSUSE.
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RayWoods 10 years ago

Yes, it got my vote too!

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pazuzuthewise 12 years ago

Yes, but we rely on many packages downloaded directly from Ubuntu repositories. Until (and if) they also switch to using delta packages, I understand that the download efficiency increase would apply only to security updates issued by Mint. Nevertheless I agree that it would be highly beneficial if possible to implement: even for people with large bandwidth it's a waste of time and resources to download redundant data.

dbpatankar 12 years ago

An excellent idea! It will reduce the download size and time by substantial amount.
I have experienced it with fedora's drpm packages.
It would be great if can be implemented in LinuxMint packages.