A wizard that will let you customize your desktop before you start using it

  12 years ago

Configure every aspect of your desktop, including mouse behavior, desktop search, Wireless connection, updates, the default theme, the positioning of the panel and the layout of the Mint Menu. Use only a single, simple configuration screen.
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cdustybk 10 years ago

I think the best option would be to add the option to the start screen. I mean the point of the start screen is to be a "launch pad" for the first run of the system anyway, so the whole concept goes together.

There could be a "Start configuration wizard" tile on the start screen. If one wishes to ignore it, it looks no different that the current implementation with the exception of one button on the start screen. However, it would at the same time please those that want the configuration wizard. Personally, I HATE the start screen, but I would actually use it if it had this added to it.

Mad-Cow 10 years ago

I think a half way option could be good, with some choices such as mate or cinnamon, but not the most details.

blueXrider 11 years ago

Rejected but still important. Could have an optional "configure yourself" screen.

kazztan0325 11 years ago

I like this idea, but @clem said "This goes against our philosophy", then "Mei2 Ban4 fa".

fenerbahce 11 years ago

It is a good idea.i saw this configuration while i was installing Pardus Linux...

clem 12 years ago

This goes against our philosophy, which is to:

- ask the least questions as possible (set things with good default values..i.e. make the right decisions for most people)
- make it easy for people to change individual things post-install.

Marking this idea as rejected.

Gabor 12 years ago

It could be made part of the welcome screen, take it or leave it.

ichat 12 years ago

just create some sort of tweakubuntu- mint-edition and either add it to the default install or just to the repository

gotjazz 12 years ago

hrm yeah why not - i like how pardus does that with their welcome program called kaptan.....

thx1138 12 years ago

It doesn't sound very newbee friendly.

farnaby 12 years ago

I don't like this idea, because it just lengthens the installation time. I like the mint standard configuration and usually keep most of it. People who prefer to customise their Desktop in every aspect are going to find their way quickly through GNOME/KDE/Xfce.

Silent_Warrior 12 years ago

I agree on the idea of a portable configuration. But, to be honest, this sounds like just having Gnome Control-center (or KDE System settings, XFCE-ditto, etc.) automatically start on first boot. Hm, or maybe a customized variant where only the suggested modules are shown.

squishy 13 years ago

A save preferences option might be a useful thing at that

heltonbiker 13 years ago

It could be saved to a file, and imported on another computer running Mint or even Ubuntu.