Add Option of Full Disk Encryption to all future Linux Mint Releases

  9 years ago

Add the Installation Option of Full Disk Encryption to All future Linux Mint Releases

Many Linux distributions are fully utilising the Linux Volume Manager (LVM) to install their LiveCD updates AND give their users the option to fully encrypt the entire disk in the process.

Linux Mint teams should give the option of Full Disk Encryption to Linux Mint DVD installers, include LVM and the painless,reliable Full Disk Encryption set-up and installation of Linux Mint in the same process.

Many Linux uses are very security minded, the Ubuntu kernel includes the routines to fully support full disk encryption. Computer,Laptop and Notepads stolen or seized under dubious or illegal warrants are on a rather large rise these days underscoring the value and need for Linux Mint users to have the option of full disk encryption during the Linux Mint installation.

Does disk encryption really protect your data from unauthorised access by gov.agencys or common thugs and thieves? YES provided the passphrase is strong enough along with a strong multi-encryption algorithm

References and Articles showing how very popular Full Disk Encryption on Linux based Desktops,Laptops,Notepads Is:

Linux and BDS desktop distributions with support for full disk encryption

How to install Linux Mint Debian Edition on an encrypted LVM file system

Full Disk Encryption easy HOWTO-Linux Mint Community

Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) for Linux distros to configure and manage quick and easy full disk encryption installations

The Benefits of Using Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

In closing...

Debian, Fedora, and Sabayon among other Linux Distros now offer Full Disk Encryption with their LVM based installers, why not Linux Mint?

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lnxmntadol 6 years ago

I could not agree more with this!

Mint LMDE is my choice when I'm "advocating" linux to the potential new adopters that ask for my help. It just works!!!

But an easy and functional user interface to install FDE on Mint LMDE is essential. It is a must have.

cork 7 years ago

I also think that the encryption key should have the option of loaded from an external usb disk. That way you could use a 128-bit key without having to type it in at startup.

lkkw223 7 years ago

This feature is *crucial* for all modern LINUX distroes. It's standard on all major distroes. Please do hurry up and implement this feature. I really like Mint and LMDE, but without FDE it's just an absolute no-go for me and everybody I help shifting to Linux. Sorry guys, but this is goin too slow.

Tuchikos 7 years ago

Clem, if you ever read this, please add full disk encryption to LMDE. Go the distance. Thank you!

znaut 7 years ago

Agreed. I would like to see this as well.

disPPlay 7 years ago

I would like to see this idea implemented, as it is very easy for the user to encrypt the whole HDD with a simply click and a passphrase.

quake0 8 years ago

This really needs to be approved already.

zurku 8 years ago

There are other like me, who would prefer to use the Debian Edition instead for resource constraint reasons and the fact that its rolling, but if you think about it, its still not available by default for the random Linux Mint user who doesn't have the slightest idea how to do that.

The encrypted install option is still not available in the installer even thought its been around in Debian proper for ages. That's somewhat alright, if it wasn't for the fact that the LMDE installer does not recognize encrypted block devices either. Halfway through setting up the volumes manually I ran into this problem and had to shelve the idea completely and switch to another distro. Please add this option for Linux Mint soon. There are many great things about this distro that make it shine above all others. However this small and important feature is a blackeye to this, IMO.

Ion_ore 8 years ago

In case someone's still wondering, you actually can do this on Mint 14. On the live boot you just need to upgrade the installer (ubiquity) before installation. I completely removed all ubiquity packages, updated the package list and then marked the package "ubiquity-frontend-gtk" for installation (I used the Cinnamon liveDVD).

Drag0nFly 8 years ago

This should be considered core functionality for laptops. Since the Ubuntu installation already has this feature in place implementing it on Mint would hopefully be a minor task.

gcarvell 8 years ago

I would really, *really* like to run Linux Mint on my work laptop. Some factors in that are the general high quality of the distro, the solid Ubuntu / Debian base, ability to run 3rd party software, emphasis on user choice, and Mint's work on the MATE desktop. However, full disk encryption is a hard requirement that Mint does not support.

For now, Ubuntu 12.10 with its full disk encryption is a tolerable workaround (after manually adding the MATE desktop and ripping out all the Unity and shopping type stuff I could), but a straight Mint install would be much better. Hopefully the development team will consider this option in the near future.

Mateo37 8 years ago

I want to thank the Linux Mint team for their professional quality and easy to use releases. I think the addition of the option to have FDE during an install and/or having a point and click tool in the GUI to do it afterwards would be greatly beneficial for business users like me who have higher security requirements for customer data.

quake0 8 years ago

This was in ubuntu 12.10 installer but I can not find it in mint 14 RC.

ASmith 8 years ago

The action indicates my suggestion to add the 'Option' for Installers of Linux Mint to enable a Full Disk Encryption has been selected.

Outstanding! Kudos to the Linux Mint Team and to those that took the time to Vote and comment on this important and imo essential feature in a increasingly troubled, economically challenging times where laptops and even desktops are routinely stolen not only for the personal information they might have to sell to a ID theft specialist but also for a quick hardware device payday.


ASmith 8 years ago

Sorry to hear Minuxlint, that you have given up on Mint over the lack of full disk encryption not being given as a option. Sadly, the vast number of business users that want to use Linux Mint do not do so because there is no direct install option for full disk encryption.

The newest Ubuntu Release is now offering full disk encryption as a option for installers and hopefully that will provide enough stimulus to the Linux Mint team to go ahead and provide that useful feature.

The newest high security reviews appear to indicate a combination of AES-Serpent or Serpent-Twofish multiple encryptions defeat even the most ardent attempts by bad people with bad intentions. On newer CPU's with built-in AES acceleration the trade-off in HD access,read and writes should be minimal however if the device is fully powered down before it is seized, stolen or demanded at gunpoint, any information that is heavily encrypted is essentially protected and shows up as random useless data to computer forensic examiners.

In short, the newest Ubuntu Release now includes the Option for installers for full disk encryption, Linux Mint should include that option also.

martensjd 8 years ago

It just strikes me as naively trusting to not use full disk encryption on a laptop.

minuxlint 8 years ago

Having been a long time Linux Mint advocate, I was also disappointed that the script that I had used from tutorial 344 failed with Mint 13.

I have long since jumped from Mint to other distros, but kept a family laptop running Mint for my wife and kids. Not having the security of knowing that a stolen laptop is missing hardware, not missing personal information, seems a bit behind the times for me.

I hope that the position Clem took in an earlier blog post that stated that the Mint team was not targeting users who would need this as an install option changes. It is the sole reason I no longer run Mint in my home.

ASmith 8 years ago

Thanks vincentv for considering however you marked the Grubpass which defeats the evil maid attacked as 'rejected' and should be reconsidered as it is entirely meant to work in tandem with the option of Full Disk Encryption.

I'm also disappointed to see the option of a USB token file to use super strong passwords on a removable media however given the Linux developers time, I understand such time is vitally focused on other tasks.

With many Western nations slipping now into double dip recession, computer and digital device thefts are of course on the increase as well as sadly nations being transformed into a virtual Police State.

Business's switching to Linux are on the rise as they widely refuse to install Windows 8, a vast majority of them view full disk encryption as a must have option. Security minded Linux users also definitely place Linux distributions with Full Disk Encryption option available on their 'Must Have' list. I feel such a optional inclusion is vital to add to future Linux Mint releases.

shred 8 years ago

Thanks for considering! You're right about the evil maid attack. However, FDE is a safe protection if your notebook is lost or stolen.

shred 8 years ago

This is actually the only show stopper that keeps me from migrating some Fedora machines with FDE partitions to Mint.