Grub Wizard

  11 years ago

I am new in Linux world, but I'm getting more and more interested as development continues.

What I would really like to see in future versions is a neat GUI based wizard for editing your Grub menu.

I find it a bit annoying, because I am still a newbie, that I have to manually change files in order to, both remove unused entries plus still setting Windows as main OS until I get more and more used to Mint and hopefully switch over some day.

I think also many first-timers find this annoying, because they want to test it out, but still want to roll back within their safety net (Windows).

This GUI Wizard shouldn't be that difficult nor hold many settings.
Being able to:
- Check which entries should be visible
- Ability to move entries up and down for visual presentation
- Edit count down delay etc.

[x] Linux Mint 8
[ ] Linux Mint 8 (fail safe mode)
[ ] Memtest
[X] Windows XP Professional

I would also like this to be part of the installation process. The installer scans drives anyway for the Partitioner. Then after setting up partitions you could get presented with this Grub Wizard and with a few clicks your machine will boot the way you want.
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bernd-wechner 5 years ago

This sort of exists.

apt search grub-customizer

winemaker9 6 years ago

Check out "grub-customizer"

I think you'll find it does everything you want plus. I've been using it since grub2 came about.

maxgeek333 6 years ago

Add boot-repair is a good idea !

Kobalt 6 years ago

I'm new to Linux Mint, too. Absolutely agree to idea starter.

randysvh 6 years ago

No doubt GRUB was much easier and simpler to use then GRUB2, but I have found a great need for a gui to the full grub functionality especially to re-establish the grub boot menu when for whatever reason when the grub boot is broken.

Side note I love my Mint MATE and install it on many of my customer systems to help simplify their computing. Wish there was an upgrade process to the newer systems when the current installed version is out of date!

pazuzuthewise 8 years ago

I agree with @bimsebasse - Grub Customizer should be included in the live image, it would help restore the bootloader if it gets overwritten.

galen 8 years ago

this could be marked as grub2 (the bootloader dominatrix)

DavidMitchelStow 8 years ago

Perhaps this could be done with a tweak of super-boot-manager? Ease of use and installation along with configurability is what draws me to linux, plus the fact that if you break it, there is help, and you can also re-install it without having to prove again that you bought it. Yes, great idea!

quake0 9 years ago

I like this idea!

oscar799 9 years ago

I'm marking software inclusion requests as "Considered" and forwarding them to Clem

bimsebasse 9 years ago

Grub Customizer does everything the idea author asks for. A solution would be to just have that installed by default (or use it as a base for a Mint grub program).

sunewbie 9 years ago

if i remember ubuntu tweak helps to change boot order. Sometimes when the grub is updated, GUI pops up.

madwoollything 9 years ago

It would be great to have a mint version of 'grub customiser' that worked on any flavour of mint, including LMDE.

blueXrider 10 years ago

I was looking at what @Alexio wrote but came up with this issue.

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The proxy server could not handle the request GET /~u88005282/sum/screenshots.html.

Reason: DNS lookup failure for:

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No issues now it's been a year or so

McLovin 10 years ago

There is a GUI tool for Grub, startup-manager, just look for it in Synaptic. Though it does not provide advanced options, it does allow you set the resolution, default os, and timeout.

Gurman 10 years ago

In addition it would be nice to have a boot mode without menus. To the menu displayed only on request. As in Win.

SamHoratio 10 years ago

You many also want to check out Burg.
It's basically a more flexible and fancier Grub.

greg84pl 10 years ago

Startup manager is very easy to use. Now is include in Mint as standard aplication.

AngelGR 10 years ago

StartUp manager is included in Mint's config panel (and it's good enough for me).

OneDragon 10 years ago

I would also love to see Grub2 go back to the way I could configure the original Grub, a simple textfile where everything I needed was easy to access.