[mintInstall] Improve readability of 'Impact on packages' listing

  9 years ago

The 'Impact on packages' listing in the package details view of Software Manager should have separate listings for 'packages installed' and 'packages removed'. This can reduce instances of unintended consequences when installing new software.
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trollboy 9 years ago

Forwarding for consideration.

New -> Considered

hithirdwavedust 9 years ago

I agree, clarity is highly desirable in the realm of installations and updates.

I would love to see Software Manager become a mature application, but for now it is extremely slow and has terrible frontend acountability issues.

I really appreciate the appearance that Software Manager has, and I hope that sometime soon it becomes more functional. Until then, I will use Synaptic whenever possible.

fleming746 9 years ago

Anything that can be done to improve clarity regarding changes to our systems is good.