Add Hybrid .ISO download images to future Mint Releases

  8 years ago

While the unetbooting utility to move a Mint .ISO release to a USB based Pendrive is nice and convenient,it does not work for every possible Linux distribution. There is no single way to convert an ISO image to a LiveUSB stick which functions for all Linux distributions.

The Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator only works for Ubuntu and Mint. To address this problem,a number of Linux distributions now use "hybrid ISO" images, which can simply be copied directly to a USB stick using the "dd" command, or using a special program under Windows. OpenSuSE, Fedora and Debian are all offering hybrid ISO images now.

This suggestion follows the shift by the other aforementioned which would allow users to more easily and quickly load Mint releases onto USB pendrives.

Additional Reference:
Tips for Linux - How and when to use the dd command:

Hybrid ISO/IMG format
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This has started to happen now