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 Mailing Lists , or a monthly news letter (email)

Created 7 years ago, edited 7 years ago.
Status changed 6 years ago

17 votes

Mailing Lists, I hate them, but some people like them... forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall mint having an official Mailing list.

But the focus of this suggestion is a monthly (periodical, can be weekly w/e) email to everyone who subscribs.

links to the latest downloads, tutorials, and what have you.
A "Clems thoughts" on what is happening
maybe a regualar editorial , or link to a common issue
this is all suggestions, maybe the comments will have better ideas if they like the initial idea....

note, it's two ideas in one, maybe split this into two and vote on both separately??? or just write in comment what your voting for...


6 years ago

Here is an earlier idea for a Newsletter:

Here is an earlier idea for a Maling List:

This post rejected as a duplicate. Earlier ideas still open/new
7 years ago

promoting it. agree with other members comments about community commitment  
7 years ago

I agree with @RayWoods , @compuman2004 and @wolverine_tech .
And I think what is mentioned by @wolverine_tech is very important.

"But will require active community involvement to keep it going. Otherwise it might become another added responsibility to the dev team."

Managing 'Mailing Lists' would need Additional Moderators.
Editing and putting out 'Monthly News Letter (E-mail)' would need Additional Editors.
It seems Mint Team doesn't have additional resources for realizing this idea at present.
However this is a good idea for making Mint World prosper, I promote this.

By the way, the idea which has been suggested before is here.
"Linux Mint Mailing list"

This idea's Score is 19 points / 29 votes, and its Status is still 'New'.
That is to say, the idea of this kind rates with community members and stay still alive.

7 years ago

I like the idea. While the monthly stats update posted by Clem on the blog (plus other blog posts) do keep the info coming, a consolidated 'newsletter' sounds like a good idea.

But will require active community involvement to keep it going. Otherwise it might become another added responsibility to the dev team.

Perhaps, Mint can get some ad revenues too from the newsletters...
7 years ago

It may have been suggested before but that doesn't detract from whether it is a good idea or not. In my opinion, anything which increases user participation must be a good idea.

Not everyone logs into this site or the main Mint site regularly so a quick digest of Linux and Mint news, say once a month, could help generate interest and remind users of these wonderful resources.
7 years ago

Been suggested before  

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