RSS for this community site

  12 years ago
  Under dev. review

Obviously this site would have some kind of feed! (great site so far!)
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Alexio 4 years ago

Tutorials by format RSS Feed

Alexio 4 years ago

Ideas by status RSS Feed

Hatlabu_Farkas 4 years ago

8 years passing by, and just saying...
NOTHING happens :(

prjolivet 10 years ago

Yes ! Rss feeds would be nice

it could help to follow each topic:
RSS Idea
RSS Tutorial
RSS Hardware

prativasic 11 years ago

I agree, I miss RSS for this site. Have to check it via browser everyday.

grim 12 years ago

Interesting and useful idea! I agree!

carl-uno 13 years ago

I am all for a feed for new ideas.

csher987 13 years ago

I agree, I use RSS a lot too.

kneekoo 13 years ago

Then this comment form should not allow empty posts after trim(). :)

Yes, RSS could be useful to track down the latest ideas or various stuff without getting in here. :) I voted for this.

dawnrazor 13 years ago

RSS is one of my most important sources of information that I would be lost without. Of course liferea makes this possible too.

NineDegrees 13 years ago

Oops, accidentally hit the button before I typed anything. RSS would be great, if not an RSS tho, maybe a twitter or something similar.

NineDegrees 13 years ago

Garda 13 years ago

I like this idea. Will surely love it.

sipiatti 13 years ago

Definetely have to!