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  10 years ago


I like XFCE and currently after Unity and Gnome 3 saga, I wish that there is also a XFCE spin of Mint 13, which will be based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and not Xubuntu 12.04 LTS. (you already have a XFCE meta package in repos). This version like LMDX has popular apps like Libreoffice i.e. it has default apps that were of Gnome2.

XFCE is the most stable DE along with LXDE right now. LXDE spin already exist. Nothing more needs to be said about XFCE.

Hope there are enough XFCE lovers which would vote for this request, and lets keep fingers crossed that we manage to get Clem's attention.

If you partially agree, please give you inputs.

I have also posted it in forums

Mint 13 XFCE - Forums

Thanks for inputs in advance :)
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rjrich 9 years ago

The Mint implementation of Xfce is a beautiful and functional desktop. My rating of DEs used by Mint is Xfce ~ KDE > MATE > Cinnamon. However, I currently use Mint KDE on most of my machines because of its built-in window management for multiple monitors. I also use Ubuntu Gnome Classic on my server because I could not get Mint to install owing to EFI issues. I had to install Ubuntu Server and then install the Gnome Classic desktop; KDE kept crashing on the server, but it runs well on my other machines.

catilley1092 9 years ago

The XCFE edition of Mint 13 (as well as future editions) is a must have choice in the lineup. Many are using older computers, yet doesn't have the funding (or desire) to continue to pay the MS tax.

There were millions of cheap Windows 7 computers released & sold at outlets such as Wal Mart, many for as little as $299 (monitor & all). Naturally, many of these computers won't run one of the main editions of Mint as good as the higher powered ones, & this is where XCFE fills a huge gap.

I myself have two such computers, & the XCFE edition of Mint 13 runs fine on both.


sunewbie 10 years ago

Clem said in comment 16 (on RC release announcement) that it's based on cinnamon edition like LMDE it will have libeoffice, etc, i.e. gnome2 replaced by XFCE

sunewbie 10 years ago

thank you @oscar799 .

I read Clems comments too and lot an email from him, stating that Mint team are planning for KDe and XFCE editions for Mint 13 LTS

Happy for XFCE, sad for LXDE, as it served different purpose. But you cannot complain on the decision, due to small dev team.

amrinz 10 years ago

XFCE edition is a must!

oscar799 10 years ago

From the may 2012 stats
"The team is currently working on KDE and Xfce editions for Linux Mint 13"
Full post here

Marked as "Implemented"

sunewbie 10 years ago

+1 @Evil-k

LXDE serves different purpose.

Thanks for promoting.

Clem already mentioned, in a comment, that he was planning for XFCE version and hopes to have both KDE and XFCE released at same time. Regarding LXDE and fluxbox editions, he said that they will encourage community editions.

Evil-K 10 years ago

I'm promoting this idea, since my first at-length experience with Linux Mint was LM9 Xfce. It was the last version of the Ubuntu-based mint with Xfce before it switched over to Debian.

As much as I've wanted to like the Debian version of Mint, I can never get it to work as perfectly as the mainline version.

I don't want it to be to the detriment of the LXDE version, though, because folks with older and slower systems also deserve Mint.

raneern99 10 years ago

@sunewbie I don't think so because Mint traditionally builds off of Ubuntu and it has always in the past supported all of the editions for the same amount of time which isn't possible if they build off of Xubuntu.

sunewbie 10 years ago

Does this mean that this and @crismblog 's idea be considered :D :D ;)

raneern99 10 years ago

@vincentv I'd say Ubuntu because Xubuntu LTS is only a 3 year LTS, whereas Ubuntu LTS is a 5 year LTS.

Also, quote from Clem on the blog (the quote includes the comment that he was responding to) -
"Does this now mean that we will have a dedicated kde version of lmde?

Edit by Clem: No. As the poll suggests Xfce is more popular, so if beside MATE and Cinnamon another DE was to be supported on both package base, it would be Xfce. We’re looking into this at the moment. We want to focus our efforts on what matters most to most people and try to do less and do it better, so we might discontinue Fluxbox and LXDE and give Xfce better support."

While there are other parts, the important part is that they're considering XFCE on both Debian and Ubuntu.

sunewbie 10 years ago

Yes. Hope it will be mint-meta-xfce :)

Thanks for the info.

raneern99 10 years ago

Interestingly, there is a mint-info-xfce in the Mint 13 repositories (Maya repo). This doesn't necessarily mean that there will be an xfce spin, but it should mean that it is being considered (there was no xfce info package for lisa or katya)

sunewbie 10 years ago

LXDE spin already exists :)
XFCE does not, so to try Minted XFCE, there has to be an edition :)

If not edition, then a meta-package of minted-Xfce

quake0 10 years ago

I will support this idea, but I like LXDE better, and I recommend xfce users to try the LXDE version.

sunewbie 10 years ago

Sorry for delayed response. Thank you for promoting @quake0 .

I like LXDE, but I love XFCE.

The idea is to substitute it for gnome2, which XFCE can do it easily. Again if it's based on Ubuntu and not Xubuntu, then just like LMDE XFCE, it will have full fledge desktop with XFCE, which is the most stable, no nonsense traditional desktop, not optimized for smart phones touch screens :)

you can swap features for LMDE to Ubuntu based and vice versa.

Considering small dev team, the idea, as discussed in forums is to have only LTS version and maintain only one version at a time. Pl refer to link on forums (given in the description) for detailed discussion.

quake0 10 years ago

I am promoting this idea.

Why don't you use the LXDE version! Its what I use.

sunewbie 10 years ago

thank you

jose_manuel 10 years ago

Excellent Idea !!!! I Promote your idea. The next LTS versions (Linux Mint 13) should be with KDE desktop, XFCE desktop and LXDE desktop. Gnome 3, Unity and Mate really really sucks, I do not like at all.-

sunewbie 10 years ago

As I have earlier said, only LTS version should be fine. Please refer below to my earlier comment.