recurring monthly payments, listing user blogs, joint Debian distro

  8 years ago

I am very pleased to see that my ideas of joining with other distros and connecting with KDE devs are ideas shared and now implemented by mint team. Also the hybrid idea was launched and I am also very pleased with an idea I had not thought of: cinnamon.

I would like to suggest that mint team might try to set up an option for recurring monthly donations from its members on the main blog itself for new folks to see.

You might also ad appropriate user blogs in a side bar for those making recurring donations and who will also allow a link to linux mint home page etc. on the blog that is listed.

I am so very pleased with the ingenious folks of Clem's awesome linuxmint team. I think your efforts are nothing short if ingeniously awesome.

Also consider this: As you join with other distros in complimentary efforts I might suggest you all create a joint distro called Linux Awesome which would be a new hybrid based on Debian with KDE or Cinnamon, or both.

Looking forward to any comments on any of these ideas. I think that as more and more joint ventures occur Linux can come more together and gain a lot more clout. This is good for the devs, especially the hungry ones. ;)

Congratulations MintTeam I am not a power user or computer smart, but I am a dedicated fan.

David Mitchel Stow
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DavidMitchelStow 7 years ago

The main idea I tried to express was that the "direction" of the collaboration might be geared toward a "merging" of the cinnamon OS and the KDE OS, which then could be placed on top of a Debian base, which might evenetually vie to be the main edition. I am sorry if I was unclear in what I tried to say. I am well aware that much of what is already being done is great and very successful, it is because of this that I also added a possible direction for these efforts. Thanks for commenting, and perhaps a small monthly donation being more reliable that "now and then" larger ones to fund Linux Mint might have been the best thing I mentioned. But how do we promote this concept effectively? Anyone in the advertising business in this community? That might be very productive.

oscar799 7 years ago

Recurring monthly donations are already possible

Emil89 8 years ago

I don't care about the rest of the post, but recurring monthly payments sounds like an easy way to make people support mint. Then you can pay what you consider a small amount every month and still make a difference. If it's not an option already, it should be.