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 [mintInstall] Refresh After Install or Remove.

Created 6 years ago, edited 5 years ago.
Status changed 5 years ago

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It is really anoying that Mintinstall does not show that the Application was installed correctly after it finishes.

It should show the Green Checkmark with "Installed Successfully" or something like that. It doesn't even need to actually refresh just as long as it shows that it was installed or removed Successfully.

I have noticed this on LM12, LM11, and LMDE.
Currently using LMDE.

For awhile I thought that they were not installing properly so I would try to install it again.

I am not sure of the reason for this, but I think it is a necassary item. Especially for newbies.

I would like to install Mint for some of my Friends and Family, but I know that they will have the same issue.

Also this should be intuiative enough when installing multiple applications at once.



5 years ago

Hey Guys,
Just tried LM 14 and noticed this feature was implemented.
Works Great.
There is even some settings under Preferences that I really enjoy like the ability to remove the search as you type.

5 years ago

i agree
though we ca nuse Ubuntu / Lubuntu instrall or packakit, etc, Mint default software manager should be upgraded.

One more problem is that after the installation is complete, the screen does not reload by itself. So you have to go back and then again select the same app to see if it's installed.

I think this has to be improved.

Remember, End users like spoon feeding, which Pro users like to do it themselves.

So I agree with @bluexrider, as it is power of Linux, I would still support this idea. It's a work around, if you are not comfortable with default app or way of working. It's not a permanent solution
5 years ago

"They both mentioned that it was not user friendly"
I think they're right. It's counter intuitive.

People have even reported this as a bug:

new -> considered
6 years ago

I have two family members using Linux Mint, both of them have called me to tell me that they can't install new software. One of them was installing flash 11 the other was installing some video editing software. I told them they did install and that they just had to re-search it to verify. Then both agreed that the software showed as installed after they re-searched for it. They both mentioned that it was not user friendly. One of them said "Stupid". Their words not mine.
This is very annoying to have to explain and doesn't really help me advocate the Linux Mint to others.
6 years ago

I prefer mintinstall or ubuntu sotware center over the others.
As I mention I am looking for one that works well with newbies.
apt-get, synaptic, and aptitude are not geared for newbies.

Also sense I am using LMDE, I would prefer not to use Ubuntu software center as many packages have not been tested for Debian.
6 years ago

If you don't like Mintistall find another package manager, there are numerous ways to handle packages. apt-get, synaptic, aptitude and aptitude safe-upgrade just to name a few.  
6 years ago

you don't know program installed correctly till you use it.  
6 years ago

use the ubuntu software center instead  

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