Mint Control Center

  8 years ago

What about to have a real complete Mint Control Center.
I known there is one in gnome but i think about something really complete
Ckeck for the mandriva one, i think is a reference
you can:
- choose kernel
- boot option
- autologon
- setup network
- manage disks/partitions
- manage security
- access a terminal
- manage packages
- install and manage hardware: printers, scanners, graphics, monitor ...
- manage users, groups
- ....................

Mint with such a powerful tool
I had a dream ...
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timothy23 7 years ago

I agree, Mandriva is a great model. How about adding the following too?
- install/administer servers (LAMP, etc.)
- backup/clone drives
- snapshot of current system settings

moorewarner 7 years ago

I want to throw up a comment for this. The original rational for this was an improvement upon Mint's Control Center, and while I am all for improvement I actually think the existing Gnome2/Mint control Center is a pretty good minimum.

I am strongly for the concept of a *single* location/framework/meta-app/Center is *hugely* helpful to new users (and far less irritating to this seasoned user than having config apps scattered all over multiple menu groupings.

I am going to pick on Cinnamon as it currently stands. I know Clem and crew are pulling youman hours beavering away on Cinnamon to get it to where they want it to be for M13, so I mean this with understanding and love.

Cinnamons (non) organization of control applets is the worst, absolutely awful. It's a return to the worst of Gnome2 with "Preferences" and "System" and a couple other menu groupings; you have a seperate "Control Center" for Cinnamon settings, and all of these different locations have zero intuitive sense for a new user.

Honestly it's one of the issues tilting me toward Mate. Then there is missing functionality like how to deal with "Groups" which is no longer in "Users and Groups".

From the day I started with Linux, many years and Distros ago I have always looked for three main things.

1) Does the distro install clean and get my hardware working out of the box? Mint with Ubuntu as it's base has always for the most part been excellent.

2)Is it easy to add software? Mint based off of Debian/Ubuntu giving it Debs and PPA's is as good as linux gets and that is pretty sweet.

3)Can I control my OS environment? Sadly this is the area that Windows has always excelled in and Linux has always played catch up. Pre-Ubuntu SUSE with Yast and Mandriva were always strong in this area but weaker (in my experience) in the other two.

This is an essential idea. And one that will hopefully move beyong regression (a la Cinnamon) to improvements such as multi-monitor/graphics and network file sharring/set-up, two still weak yet essential areas for a modern OS, as just two examples.

dragondave53 7 years ago

And add wider range of keyboards & bring back manual setting of keyboard special keys. Microsoft Multimedia 1.0A (PS2) was on the list but no longer. The wireless version does NOT work with PS2.

Posted here as the Forums site seems to be down!

kazztan0325 7 years ago


I don't understand why did you mark this idea as rejected, because this post is described more detailed than the idea "Mint Must Have its Own Control Panel".

I think you moderators should make much of more specific ideas rather than their score.

remoulder 8 years ago

Duplicate idea