User motivation - idea points

  10 years ago

To motivate user writing "good" ideas. Give them points for ideas.
* 5 points for every new idea
* 2 points for every "promote" click
* 1 point for every "don't care" click
* -1 point for every "demote" click

Every voter gets +1 for every vote.

This will motivate all competitive users to think about their ideas - because "don't care" give author same as voter. So competitive user will tend to write ideas he thinks more pepole will be interested in.
Also, this system promotes voting (+1 for every vote)

Of course maybe another numbers will be better, but this is only for idea :)
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Craig 10 years ago

Look forward to seeing that Clem. :)

clem 10 years ago

We can also innovate further and add something like achievements with negative points:

3 or more ideas with a negative score: -5 points.

These are achievements you don't want... and that can keep people from posting bad ideas, or at least push them in deleting them when they're not popular.

clem 10 years ago

Just to give an example on the idea module, some of the achievements could be:

Submit an idea: 5 points
Comment an idea: 5 points
Promote an idea: 5 points
Have an idea reach a score of 10: 10 points
Have the total score of all your ideas reach 200: 50 points

You "unlock" achievements, i.e. you keep them permanently and you only get them once. They show a record of how far you went in the game, i.e. using the module. So in this example you can see achievements for getting familiar with the system (commenting an idea, submiting an idea..) but also achievements for bringing something to the community (for instance, reach a score of 10, etc..).

Where it gets really interesting is when you can not only see people's overall score, but also the breakdown of their achievements, when they got them, and do theirs compare to yours, and on the ones you have and don't have, what's the proportion of users having/not_having them :)

It's completely ridiculous but if you're even just a tad bit competitive this is going to get you completely addicted :)

clem 10 years ago

This is planned. The implementation will be different though, and inspired from the Xbox 360 achievements system. Modules will be similar to games under the xbox and each module will provide a set of achievements which in turn will provide a number of points. This system is proven to be one of the best community motivation system and it'll be a lot of fun using it (and implementing it :)).

squishy 10 years ago

but any points scheme must be carefully implemented so as not to deter people from submitting their ideas

squishy 10 years ago

Mdyter makes an interesting suggestion points for Ideas implemented.

heltonbiker 10 years ago

Considering that Linux and specially Ubuntu is all about community and sharing, we must be very careful about these "competitive" activities. Users should be stimulated to help others, and not to promoting themselves somewhat selfishly. But I like the idea to identify active users and to stimulate participation and sharing.

Hammeh 10 years ago

I think users should be thanked for suggesting ideas, even if they are bad, and given extra points if the idea gets positive reviews. In my eyes points shouldn't be removed.

HANAX 10 years ago

@squishy: than what about 0 for "new idea" and 0 for "demote" - that way user will not loose anything nut still be motivated

Mdyter 10 years ago

would it be enough if score depends on how many implemented ideas that user had wrote?

squishy 10 years ago

maybe people will not give an idea because they don't want to damage their score, just like ebay used to be