Improve the linking beween the subdomaines of

  8 years ago

Right now it's very easy, to get to the sub domains of the Linux Mint website (so there is now problem to get from to, or On the other hand, there won't be simply way to get back to the, if you follow a link to one of the subpages. So I would promote if you add some links in order to navigate between the sub domains of the Linux Mint website and to return to the root page.
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RayWoods 8 years ago

And don't forget the next LMDE update for the Latest branch, which will have the change from Gnome 2 to Gnome 3 included.

cc11rocks 8 years ago

I am promoting idea, but as RayWoods suggested, they are busy. They have Cinnamon on their hands (Cinnamon 1.2.0 is awesome!). They also are working on Linux Mint 12 KDE Final Release. Still yet, they have to start working on Linux Mint 13. They have to decide whether to include Gnome at all, as well as important things for this LTS release. Again, I support your idea and think it should be implemented whenever the administrators get a chance, but they are very busy with other Linux Mint projects.

RayWoods 8 years ago

Well @compuman2004, the team is very busy trying to bring some sanity to the Gnome desktop, so probably haven't the time to spare. Let's face it, they have to get Cinnamon stable before the release of Linux Mint 13. Anyway, the idea is worthy so gets my vote. I suppose we will just have to be patient.