Calendar integrated with Google Calendar

  9 years ago

An application to integrate calendar Cinnamon with Google Calendar.
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Mpc46 1 year ago

Is been 8 years :c

mikefreeman 4 years ago

So, this thread is 5 years old, and it's been labeled as "Planned" for 3 years. Still no sign of a usable calendar applet anywhere that I can see. Anyone know if something's actually being done with this?

guikubivan 5 years ago


mdumrauf 5 years ago

I'm a new user. This idea is marked as "planned". Does that mean someone is developing it? I can do it if everyone is still waiting for it.

pitiz29a 5 years ago

Not only Google calendar, but also others.

@dmytrol Thunderbird calendar integration is a great idea. I think Google calendar is not that important.

dmytrol 5 years ago

It would be also great if the calendar applet could read and show events from the Thunderbird calendar on the same PC. I have many different online calendars synced with my Thunderbird calendar alongside an offline calendar. Sometimes I just want to have a quick view at my schedule, and not run Thunderbird for that.

samarth_math 5 years ago

Definitely interested in this one!

kezz 6 years ago

need a desklet that has field boxes to let me add a calendar event to google calendar immediately.

I never liked evolution in the old days and always found it too clunky.

Google web apps displaced it.

We do need a desktop app though - as described - for quick calendar add.
It must synch continuously - like the phones do.

A desktop app that syncs with the Google calendar and displays agenda etc would be very useful as well

mikefreeman 7 years ago

Yes! Please! I just switch from Mint 13 (MATE) to Mint 17 (Cinnamon), and the one thing I used constantly in MATE, which is a huge, glaring, terrible (I could go on) omission with Cinnamon, is calendar integration on the panel. I personally used to run my Google calendars into Evolution, which would then integrate with indicator-datetime-gtk2 through the mate-indicator-applet. But, however it's done, I NEED this in Cinnamon! I want to have quick access to a simple list of appointments/events on my calendar, and easy access to editing/creating events by clicking on the date in the pop-up calendar. It's one of the few places I've found where Cinnamon still looks incomplete next to MATE.

dennisnl 7 years ago

Very good idea to incorporate a decent calendar/contacts application in Mint! What about integration with e-mail? On the one hand a solution like Gnome Evolution seems nice. Though, on the other hand the way Mac OS supports it is perhaps more univeral?

dsgna89 8 years ago

Echoing to what others say: make an option to turn it off!

zantaz 8 years ago

is a privacy invaders ... google had too much $ ...

Hammer459 8 years ago

As long as it is not mandatory. Google is turning more and more into an evil empire

disPPlay 8 years ago

Cinnamon calendar really should be integrated with more online calendars, just like Google calendar

ncan 8 years ago

Agree, a real need for me as well... slick operation of desktop and vital external apps would go a long way....( gmail, calendar and contacts in one click off the Bar applets )

vegardlr 8 years ago

Ah, yes! A feature I would use all the time.

jkw 8 years ago

This would definatly make me less dependant on using my phone and my webbrowser and allow me to spend more time in mint!

geoffm 8 years ago

Need this! I use google calendars for both work and home. this would mean quicker access for me, and being able to follow appointments without having thunderbird open all the time

fleming746 9 years ago

an app to integrate google calendar with our desktop calendar would be very helpful and provide backup of both calendars easily

hithirdwavedust 9 years ago

This would be great. I am concerned that if the application were packed with Cinnamon, it might be too bulky for some machines to benefit from. Definitely an idea worth consideration!