Consolidated Support/Help welcome page

  11 years ago
  Under dev. review

With this idea I'm initially thinking of the main and forum sites, but it's equally applicable here when that section is added.

The idea is have a single welcome page for help and support which acts as an entry point for the various options. This would have sections devoted to the options available such as the FAQ, wiki, How To/Tutorial pages, blog, etc, linked to the original sites/pages.

In particular this is to address a problem with the forums where users post many similar problems without searching, and that section would link to common problem solutions and have a prominent search for a solution box that searched the forums for answers.

Users looking for help would thus be encouraged to find existing solutions and not just go straight to posting on the forums.
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dagon 9 years ago

Here is a similar idea:
(which I also mark considered)

blueXrider 10 years ago

Defining the Community page to include the Forums, Blog and Wiki is a good idea.

Alexio 11 years ago

@Fr3d: It may be useful to use Google Custom Search to create a customized search for more websites and specific webpages and host the search box and results on this website. See for more information.

Robin 11 years ago

I'd like to see a searchable hardware compatibility page. Maybe even an alphabetical listing of hardware by manufacturer, processor, etc.

"Will Linux Mint work on MY computer?" Click "here" to find your computer on a list...

Fr3d 11 years ago

I like it. Should we also have a way to include search results from other sources.!? Perhaps Ubuntu forums and other HowTo type places. Or is that just google?

heltonbiker 11 years ago

Nowadays is very rare to have a problem yet unfound and unsolved, so I always look on many forums and usually find the solution. But this almost always take a lot of time, and unsuccessful trial-and-error. Besides, I think it is such a waste not to structure the loose but huge and growing knowledge found on forums.

RayWoods 11 years ago


squishy 11 years ago

sound good to me, promoted.