Software Manager efficiency improvements

  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

A few things could make the software manager easier or faster to work with:

* Being able to do make multiple selects and install several apps at once.
* Having to fill in the password once per session rather than once per software.
* Being able to store the list of applications to install and resume this later, for those of us who have bad internet connections, but that selected 6 or 7 apps only to see the connection fail on the 2nd and the list get cleared.
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josefg 7 years ago

Glad to see that the password issue has been solved in recent versions of the Software Manager.
Would be great if we could get the resume of download after internet connection failure too...

MAD-OVERLORD 9 years ago

Had the same Idea so i promote and add my explaination why:

(The Scenario is, you're new to Linux and a Friend of you give you a Linux Mint and says make long PWDs, don't install too much at once, so if something breaks you know what it was. Doing that results in that you get bored with Software Manager, because after you installed a Game and tested it, you have to enter again a gigantic PWD for the next Install!)

trollboy 9 years ago

Forwarding for consideration.

Personally speaking, I think that these ideas would be a huge improvement to the software manager.

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ElHaj 9 years ago

Like the idea
Should add an easier way to install ad-ons too
Like in muon on kde

josefg 9 years ago

Indeed, Synaptic is what I mostly use because of this.
But Synaptic does not give good overviews. The Software Manager is a much more pleasant way to browse for software. Synaptics is good for technicians (like myself, but not the people I install for), but you basically need to know what you are looking for to find the things you need there.
The Software Manager is a very nice tool, it just needs some small polish to become even better.

blueXrider 9 years ago

use synaptic