Just what is Linux Mint?

  11 years ago
  Under dev. review

When out there promoting Linux Mint to friends, family and, frankly, anybody else who will listen, I tell them to look at our websites. (ie., http://www.linuxmint.com/ and soon http://community.linuxmint.com)

There is one problem though, there is nothing on the Home page to say just what Linux Mint is! It is easy for us; we know! However, for the Virgins to Linux this is a whole new world.

How about a two line banner to introduce Linux Mint to all those unaware of the joys Linux?

This Banner could then point to a web page providing greater detail and even history.
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jmdekoning 8 years ago


KOLEGA 9 years ago

Great idea

blueXrider 9 years ago

no need to comment

orionthehunter 10 years ago

I'll try to make a mock up or two and link it here. Speaking of this, is there a community artwork team?

Xyie 11 years ago

You uncover out a key point of advertising (not that I'm an expert) - Make it clear what you're "selling." Selling doesn't necessarily mean making money, since you can sell an idea to someone. We definitely should make it clear what Mint is and should be. The product is supposed to be attractive, so let's show them what it is!

zaenal1234 11 years ago

i like, this idea.

baffle-boy 11 years ago

best for the actual website. maybe simply put a "what is Linux Mint" or "learn more about linux mint" link at the top.

VICTOR360 11 years ago

Great Idea!

sricks3 11 years ago

This will be very important moving forward. When I go to the Linux Mint home page, I see a summary of the Linux Mint blog. Let the blog be the blog and the home page be the home page. Maybe it would be a good idea to start with a quick introduction to what Linux is followed by what makes Mint stand apart from other OSs.

clem 11 years ago

Good point hamburn, this could be reused. Not to mention that it's in HTML.

hamburn 11 years ago

just installed Helena on my lappie.
while it installed there was a flash (?) film running about what Linux Mint is.

Wouldn't have that on www.LinuxMint.com, be the answer for this purpose?

Rovanion 11 years ago

Look at the Ubuntu main page. There is our role-model: http://www.ubuntu.com/
One of the most used fetures of the Website is to find out what the hell Linux Mint is. Thus it needs to prioritised.

Rovanion 11 years ago

I totally agree, the about page for Linux Mint contains nothing that actually explains what Linux Mint is in a fashion that non-linux users could understand. It's just a hug blurb from Distrowatch and info about the devs.

Craig 11 years ago

Good idea.

pokemoncatdog 11 years ago

Linux Mint will always be the best, with Ubnutu always bing seconded best and windows bing dead last. Other Linux distros are ok, but nothing come close to Linux Mint or Ubnutu.

(Always capitalize Linux.)

Hammeh 11 years ago

Definitely a good idea. I think this is why many users chose Ubuntu over Linux Mint.