Software Manager: shortcut for the search field

  9 years ago
  Under dev. review

It would be great to have a shortcut like ctrl+s or ctrl+f to go straight to the search field and start looking for software. Or, at least for that field to automatically get focus when you open the SM.

mintInstall rocks!
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lib2know 5 years ago

promoted, especially for C-f

RecNes 8 years ago

I'am thinking the same way. A immediate search emerged when SM loaded but keyboard cursor not focused on search field. Cursor focused on "Categories" button which is not useful.

While my searches, I took a look in many packages descriptions/details. But no shortcut to search field for make new search about my lookups.

hurinth 8 years ago

Actually, opening the software manager and hitting the Tab key will take me right to the search field to start typing =S =D

trollboy 9 years ago

Forwarding for consideration

New -> Considered

hurinth 9 years ago

Right, so, the idea is to be ready to type for new software *not installed* when the Software Manager comes up.

Emil89 9 years ago

@blueXrider doesn't that just search through software that is already installed? If it does, then it isn't relevant to this idea.

psyckers 9 years ago

Yeah Docky is a very useful tool for these kind of instances.

blueXrider 9 years ago

Use Docky with Cardapio

Searches software, files and applications as well as commands.