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 A samsung kies like application to sync my phones apps and data.

Created 6 years ago, edited 6 years ago.
Status changed 6 years ago

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Hi all and thanks in advance,
I have been using linux mint for a while now but didnot find a software that could work like 'Samsung Kies' on windows and help me update my phone to latest OS.
I use a Samaung Galaxy Ace.
I can sync Music and videos pretty fine using Lisa but when it comes to upgrading the android OS of my phone i need to switch to Windows.
I would also like to have a tool that can help me sync music to my android phone like i use ttkpod to sync music on my ipod.


6 years ago

Unfortunately, manufacturers tend to hide the inner workings of their devices and, as they don't publish software to integrate their devices to the Linux Desktop we have to rely on Hackers to dig out the secrets of the devices.

All we can do is talk to the manufacturers and get them on side.
6 years ago

All i want is my linux OS should be nothing less when it comes to connecting/accessing devices or doing tasks that sound like breeze on Windows/Macs.
I am pretty happy with way linux OS are but would like to see games like that on Windows
6 years ago

Really this should be aimed at Samsung whom, like many manufacturers, fail to support Linux, unlike the way they support Windows or Mac computers. This is especially galling as they, like many other manufacturers, make liberal use of Linux and other Open Sourced Software within their products.  

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