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  9 years ago

I think it will be good to add voting for software changes in every new release. Sometimes users aren't happy with preinstalled apps and this voting mechanism can help make distro more users friendly.
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clem 8 years ago

The Software Manager and this website give users the ability to vote for their favorite software. By simply looking at the list of packages in there, the team knows already which apps are the most popular. Marking this idea as implemented.

SxFlare 9 years ago

Voting can help, however the most popular may not always be the best for use. And if you look at the list of Softwares, some of the votes they get are very biased and uninformed or even they just voted bad without the voter even trying it.

baffle-boy 9 years ago

sounds interesting, would be nice to have more say, but i agree, the devs should have the final say, so maybe not voting and just a big discussion?

gotjazz 9 years ago

There should be some sort of centralized plattform to discuss this, but the last word should be with the devs for all the reasons others have already listed. But - as I said - I would welcome something of the sort - just not binding for the devs. Like that I could voice my support for liferea ;)

gonye 9 years ago

I think it's a good thing the vote, but the vote mechanism should take after the use, rather than after installation. I like a lot of programs to try, but it is not certain that they can use later.

pazuzuthewise 9 years ago

Agree with Pierre:
The Developer's team needs the Final say on just what stays or goes into the iso. But the 700Mb limit to stay as a CD is important, as there are some of us who DO Have issues with a DvD sized iso, due to their location/isp limitations.

Vincent 9 years ago

I think that this would be a good idea as well. It'd certainly save end-users some time having to download loads of extra packages just to ensure that their system has what they deem to be basic functionality. It'll also be helpful for those who have slow internet connections or are limited on bandwidth.

davedarkblade 9 years ago

Oh yes! When he's going to be born a new version you could draw up a questionnaire and post it on this site. For example, you could build so: "as the default browser favorite thing?" and then lists some browser deemed really valid. So mint would become really the distro of the community and not as ubuntu that ultimately is to canonical doing good and the bad weather.

slw_ 9 years ago

Ok, if someone reads this - my vote goes to Avant Window Navigator.

leagallow 9 years ago

i agreed, the best software should be preinstalled. but some main programms should be in every release because if you change it you get like: last release we vote firefox, now we voted chrome and the next would probably chrome/firefox/whatever... and that's not user friendly and pretty irritating

Kendall 9 years ago

I believe that due to the extremely simple nature of installing software in Linux, and the fact that all Mint editions make this really easy by having the software center and automatically updating menus, then the preinstalled software selection is kind of a moot point. If you have an internet connection and an hour or two you can set it up the way you need.

Lkzwieder 9 years ago

I belive in a basic distribution, with all codecs pre instaled but only a few basic programs, and lots of .deb packages able to install.

This soft must be able in Mint repositories:
Avant Windows Navigator
VMWare Player

dodgefan 9 years ago

how about using the popularity-contest app that debian uses? make it part of the install. if you choose to participate you only have to make the decision once and once a week it can send back to the devs what is being used and what isnt. that way people dont have to actually vote on each package

mintee_jamesee 9 years ago

I believe if the community got there input on what software should be pre-installed, every release would be better and almost pre-customised.

manny 9 years ago

One thing I believe Mint excels is because the selection of software by the developers. The "feature applications" in the Software Manager is an excellent idea and very helpfull. Maybe we can vote for applications to add in the "Feature applications" instead.

AgingTechnogeek 9 years ago

The main problem I see here is the time it would take to ask for votes, gather the votes at or before a given deadline, process everything, and get a coherent apps list to the developers. And do all of this fast enough so it doesn't delay release of the next edition. Also you will have to deal with disappointed and disgruntled users who "just can't live without my app in Mint" and demand long discussions about why it isn't (thereby clogging the forums and chatrooms).

curtis 9 years ago

It would be nice to be able to vote for a new release of an application to be included in the Mint repos, or a new application added to the repos.

Pierre 9 years ago

The Developer's team needs the Final say on just what stays or goes into the iso.
But the 700Mb limit to stay as a CD is important, as there are some of us who DO Have issues with a DvD sized iso, due to their location/isp limitations. This is even if it just goes goes over, to say 800-900Mb.

squishy 9 years ago

I would like to see GParted re-instated as it is a useful sysadmin tool. other than that I ma fairly happy with the current software

Gpig 9 years ago

If I knew the potential problems of asking for a particular piece of software to be included in a release I might not make the request. However I don't have the information or skills to make that sort of objective assessment so I depend on the developers to make the call.