Need a SOCKS proxy included or .deb download site

  10 years ago

The included network proxy program does not have a SOCKS option = can't download through Synaptic in some network situations. Firefox does have SOCKS with remote DNS and so a website with Mint-specific .debs would be nice because the user can simply download the programs and later install them manually, just like software for Windows 2000. Missing dependencies aren't a big concern because even the non-power users aren't dum and can figure them out after opening the installer and reading the description.
I realise this option already exists for LMDE (Debian website provides .deb files), y not simply publish all regular Mint .debs through HTTP? They are already taking up space on the server, all that's needed is a directory listing access.
Alternately with more work, program packages can be bundled with "recommended packages" into "super-debs" and published on BitTorrent. Then I would simply download them with my phone :-)
Linux's lack of this semi-offline functionality is one of the main reasons I still use Windows 2000.
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quake0 10 years ago

As long as its an option that sounds great.

mintconsumer 10 years ago

To clarify my long posting, I was suggesting a systemwide proxy option similar to Mozilla's "remote DNS".

mintconsumer 10 years ago

Thanks remoulder, that's an awesome link.

remoulder 10 years ago