Linux Mint 13 KDE: The Maximum effort should be put in the Stability

  9 years ago

Hope that understand me. The Work that made ​​the Linux Mint KDE 12 team is great but there are so many details which need to polish, especially in the overall performance of KDE environment. There are several failures that need polishing, which breaks over the eyes is the failure in the login screen and the problems with Nepomuk, taking into account of that the upcoming version is not is a version more. The next LTS is the first version with extended support to 5 years. This is no small thing has to be a great release with all the details taken care of. Count me in for what is within my reach. My greatest wish is that Linux Mint KDE 13 its truly perfect.
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jose_manuel 9 years ago

Actually, this new version of Linux Mint 13 KDE is really fantastic. It really is much more stable and run faster than before. And it appears that solved many problems before. Great !!!!

jose_manuel 9 years ago

Hopefully Linux Mint 13 KDE is much better than its predecessor. I just carry a big deception. I love Linux Mint KDE, but her latest version really broken me without notice.

jose_manuel 9 years ago

Estimated prativasic: I really hope that Linux Mint 13 KDE to be the best release of Linux Mint in the history. Let's hope so, we must join efforts. I feel that Linux Mint KDE can be the best operating system around the world. Take a tip from an old user of Linux Mint: On my machine passed: Linux Mint 8, 9 and 11 version Gnome and Linux Mint KDE also spent 8, 9, 10 and currently 12 (although 12 is the most beautiful graphically, but speaking the 9 and 10 were much more stable to me).

Now I have 2 questions: Sorry if it is not the place to raising them: how I can contribute or join the team testing the KDE version and 2) Is it true that the next versions of Linux Mint 13 LTS support will be extended to three (3) years ???? No support will be extended to five (5) years as Kubuntu and Ubuntu ????. Greetings and Thanks !!!!

prativasic 9 years ago

This is not just an idea, this is a request that has to be made.
Other than the points Jose pointed out, Akonadi crashes time to time; in fact that's the most crashed app in my installation. However, just like cc11rocks, LM12 KDE is my first KDE distro as well. And I really hope that LM13 KDE will be the best KDE version (or may be the best Mint!) ever!!!

cc11rocks 9 years ago

"The next LTS is the first version with extended support to 5 years" for UBUNTU
For Linux Mint, the correct statement is : The next LTS is the first version with extended support to THREE (3) years.

Just a small correction to be made. Promoting this idea (Linux Mint 12 KDE is my first used KDE distribution, which I currently love for the most part). Could you add specific examples of what could be polished so that the Linux Mint developers can follow through?