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  9 years ago

Many times I have seen comments on Ideas saying that the "Idea" should be taken up on the Forums. But, looking around the Community site there is no direct link to the Forums. Considering the closeness of the aims of these two elements to the wider Linux Mint Community I would have expected closer links, even if it is just a button navigating to the other.
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RayWoods 9 years ago

@remoulder: Great minds think alike! Mind you, as I've said below it is buried at the bottom where very few venture. It should feature in the drop down menus and be reciprocated on the forum as @compuman2004 says.

remoulder 9 years ago

Suggested in

RayWoods 9 years ago

Perhaps it should be at the top then, where it is not hidden away?

oscar799 9 years ago

I'll mark this Idea as implemented

dagon 9 years ago

No. It wasn't blueXrider. Here are some similar ideas:

dagon 9 years ago

The link is at the bottom of this page in the row saying:
Linux Mint|Blog|Forum

I think there is an idea around (by blueXrider?) to move it to a more visible place. Its clearly next to invisible now.