Add support for RAR and 7zip files by default in the LiveCD

  12 years ago

For the new users it may be a good thing to have the most common archive types already supported by default.

I know that there is an easy command like ¨sudo aptitude install p7zip-full rar arj lha¨ to install the software required for archives with the formats .7z, .rar, .arj and .lzh but it would be useful for new users to just right click on the archive file (in the File Manager or on the Desktop) and select ¨Extract Here¨.

Also, it should be made clear in the Mint User Guide that it is very easy to create a new archive, just select the file(s) you want to add to the archive (e.g. keep pressed the Ctrl key and left-click with the mouse on each file you want to add to the archive), then right-click on (one of) the selected file(s) to archive and select ¨Create Archive...¨ from the menu. In the new window you can specify the archive name, the location folder and the archive type from the list (i.e. for the 7zip archive choose .7z and for the RAR archive choose .rar).
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zaenal1234 12 years ago

I support, as needed when we had 'mountaint' partition of the 'cdlive' to 'extract 'a file 7z or RAR.

DJCrashdummy 12 years ago

additional i have to say, i maximum will see support to unpack rar-files!
for compressing better a free format should be chosen!!!

DJCrashdummy 12 years ago

3 months ago i wrote clem an email to support at least .7z by default! - now since mint 9 p7zip is installed by default...!

--> but will it be better to have p7zip-full installed???

pazuzuthewise 12 years ago

Would be useful when running a live cd session, like for data retrieval purposes.

pokemoncatdog 13 years ago

AND if you can't add this to live cd, have if when user open unsupported archive, have a pop up that said "archive type not supported, install archive support now? YES, NO. if yes install support, then open file, if no close box, do not open file.