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I suggest to set up a 'quick court' to become faster decisions.
If then too much have rejected, the ideas must be better (and their description).
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dagon 9 years ago

Ok. I mark this as rejected(in a happy way!).


new -> rejected

ulysses 9 years ago

At this point I do not think we need a faster court.
I think, with these moderators and the ideas into
consideration to improve the balance sheet item and
the quality of ideas is the future for the idea area
well ordered. I'm very glad about it.
Here again many thanks and respect to the moderators.
Very great work !!!
(as far as I am entitled to judge it)

dagon 9 years ago

So. Do you still think we need a Quick Court or can we consider this one implemented? The new ideas are now less than 750 and there are enough ideas under consideration to help improve future idea posting I think.

ulysses 9 years ago

A good approach, I think. Ideas will be processed according to their quality
and their processing status of the moderators. However, this may not increase
the work for the moderators. The work for users of the community must increase.
A regular user of the community must be involved in this work. The criticism of
the normal user should be mandatory to reduce by criticizing the moderators work.

Has an idea reaches a certain quality, it is valued by the moderator.
But here again it is nothing without recourse if the moderators now have more
time available, if not .. ??

dagon 9 years ago

Two weekends later the numbers have changed. I'm still not 100% sure I get your Quick Court idea but it's growing on me.
Oscar799 an I have dug our way through the ideas now for two weeks and it's pretty slow work. I first thought your idea was simply to have a drive and just get the moderators on the task but I see that you want to raise the quality of the ideas in general. There are some ideas around that could achieve this. Maybe there should be some possibility to not just reject an idea but to take it "off-line" and send it back to the poster for editing/clarification?
Here's one idea along these lines:

Also it would be quicker to process ideas if duplicates were clearly flagged and the ideas were tagged or grouped in some way.

ulysses 9 years ago

(For the lost time of the mods I've deleted five of my ideas.)

ulysses 9 years ago

I know.
Sometimes I need a subtle hint to use this well.
Maybe others feel the same .. ?

dagon 9 years ago

"Possibly allow / encourage idea creators to remove their own contributions."
You already can remove your own idea. There's a "Delete" button there!

ulysses 9 years ago

How do you want to say a few words:
"If then too much have rejected, the ideas must be better (and their description)."

Somewhere, the time must be saved.
If mistakes occur by the mods the user must think about how it could have happened.
"Was my idea really so good ?"
"I've done everything to describe exact what I propose?"
"I have helped to answer emerging questions in advance to be able to decide more quickly?"

One suggestion has been made ​​already, too.
Possibly allow / encourage idea creators to remove their own contributions.

In absolute doubt, the author will receive ONE call.
This call is to answer promptly and without discussion. I remove / I stick to it.


However, these are only suggestions !!

dagon 9 years ago

Ok. Lets take in some more opinions.
Could you please edit/clarify this sentence:
"If then too much have rejected, the ideas must be better (and their description)."

ulysses 9 years ago

I have no problem with the quick closing.
However, I would wish me a general discussion on the subject. For me there is a problem in this matter. The problem should be treated as such I think.

Under no circumstances do I want to criticize your good work. I am very grateful for your patience and calm in your decisions.
This applies to the whole team.

I really would appreciate the opinion of many users. I am aware that the extra work means to you. I beg your indulgence once more ..

dagon 9 years ago

This one got rejected very fast because I'm working on the case so I found it a bit redundant. I maybe should have waited and I've brought this up with other mods so it hasn't just been waived off. Currently oscar799 and I are working our way through the pile in a steady pace and intend to keep that up so I made the quick call that it was in your interest to have this idea closed.
The reality is that even if we made such a sprint action the issue wouldn't go away. Realistically you can process some 2-3 posts in an hour
and a "quick court" would divert resources away from the forum and probably not do that much difference.

Maybe there is a pattern in what and how ideas gets processed but then it's nothing planned and I wouldn't know about it (Freud in action...).

"If you say something negative it gets censored."
Nothings been censored in this post has it? Also I think the idea is reasonable and certainly not negative.

ulysses 9 years ago

if it's being a part of it .. !?

dagon 9 years ago

But you just gave us one more idea to moderate!?
We're on the case... ;)


chassum 9 years ago

Something probably should be done. Possibly allow/encourage idea creators to remove their own contributions.