One click reinstall of grub / grub2 on live cd.

  9 years ago

A one click reinstall of grub would be nice. Just boot live cd, click reinstall grub, grub will find the version you have, then if you have grub2 it will automatically reinstall but if you have grub it will udate grub to grub2 for you, then find all partitions, os's, and setup the menu for you and DONE. Came on GRBU /grub2 is not even on the live cd for Linux Mint 8.

I mean how does the Ubuntu/ Linux Mint installer install grub? I am thinking of an installer that only excuses the grub install part of the Linux Mint full install.

1. load live cd
2. click icon on decktop (re)install GRUB
3. one page form for user to input user chosen defaults
4. click (re)install Grub
5. Restart pc, tack out cd

The following dose not work when using the Linux Mint 8 cd.

sudo grub -----> I get error grub not installed try apt install grub or someting like that.
find /boot/grub/stage1 ----> after apt install stage1 can not be found.
root (hd?,?) ------> must know what partition to use.
setup (hd0) -----> must know what drive to use.
quit ----> no error just exits/quits the terminal

A one click reinstall were be way better for the past windows user.
Also this would give a past windows user one LESS reason the go back to windows.

A one click reinstall of grub would only add like a max of 4mb to the live cd.

(Always capitalize Linux.)
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luisbraganca 4 years ago

That'd be really useful since every time I install windows (dual-boot), grub totally crashes.

jahid_0903014 5 years ago

This is a necessity...

FLOWXP 5 years ago

a 100 star !!
how can Linux Mint not have this ?!?!?! YET

prignitzerlandei 7 years ago

A pre-installed "boot-repair" may be a solution?

user213 7 years ago

Since the live CD also doubles as a rescue cd, (or at least, it does for me), I really like this idea. Though I do not think it should go on the desktop, perhaps under the System Tools menu.

ElHaj 8 years ago

this is a maintenance procedure not one that should be in a general distro
to fix grub you may use rescatux or super-grub-disk-2
as said in the comments

sajukktheeternal 8 years ago

A five star idea.
I've been using mint for 2 years and until now, I've never been able to fix any grub-related problems at all. Grub legacy was more easy to setup and adjust.

When my grub collapses, the solution I have found is to install a new distro or new version of mint, which detects all partitions and installs a new grub correctly.

I couldn't support the idea more

sunewbie 8 years ago

very useful idea. I have already promoted it but did not leave a comment

mank_in 8 years ago

good choise, usually when windows partition got corrupt and you must reinstalling windows.

blueXrider 8 years ago

Things like this are usually an afterthought when a disaster has happened.

The GRUB Boot-Loader can be reinstalled using super-grub-disk found here>
> <

Follow these instructions for dual boot machines> <

greg84pl 9 years ago

It have to be on live cd in start text menu :)

robbrown 9 years ago

I hate the fact that windows snobs my grub and I can only boot into windows after a windows install on a Linux Mint machine. Piss's me off that windows but need it for work. I had a bloody hard time the first time it happen.
~~~ AWESOME IDEA 5 Stars ~~

Anubis 9 years ago

You can always burn this to a cd for emergencies:

Though i think it would be better to have an option in the boot sequence to "boot directly" into existing partitions (in a similar way to supergrubdisk), rather than having to load up the whole livecd/desktop.

LMUCS 9 years ago

Great for me too.
That often usefull if you had some problems during installion.

sayan_acharjee 9 years ago

Great idea. That would be really useful.

marnix 9 years ago

Nice idea. Of course, make sure the invoker is really made aware of what is going to be done and how it might affect his ability to boot and select an OS. You might want to offer to save the existing boot block(s) on a USB flash drive and allow for restoral from that drive if need be.

Boringbytes 9 years ago

Putting A simple re-install/repair utility for grub on the live/install CD would be very useful, and wouldn't make the ISO a significantly larger download. Good idea

grim 9 years ago

I agree, this would be amazingly useful!

bunty-arnab 9 years ago

This necessary. In fact i feel there must be a booting option to reset all settings or repair computer during booting.

ibm450 9 years ago

great idea!!!