Release the ISO Images that are in Testing for all the members of this Great Community !!!!

  7 years ago

Humbly, I believe that the ISO images that appear on the Testing section should to be made available to all the wonderful Community of Linux Mint. I wait the Testing teams to not get angry with me, but I think that the more eyes review, test, and install the ISO images that appear on the testing section, I think it will be very much better, more errors could be corrected (I always asked for the 11 edition of Linux Mint KDE I would have liked to help lower it), suddenly to have more people who can see the ISO images that appear on Testing, would be many fewer errors, and thereby Linux Mint will grow even more, and become much greater than it already is. But thinking about what is coming, Linux Mint's the near edition 13 will be LTS, I believe that it would be one very good option thinking about the future.- Embrace and Greetings.-
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jose_manuel 7 years ago

I keep Thinking that the more eyes see the product is much better !!!! As more errors are found, if we continue with this policy are always after new errors that ended up appearing in the final product, (and unfortunately Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon is a good example of this).-

sunewbie 7 years ago

to add to it RC is released in the wild :)

joelz 7 years ago

@oscar799 has a point. while this may be almost a good idea, if a few hundred or thousand users test it and list problems/errors to report, there would be a long list for the team to get through, and there is a risk that some users might report something that is not really an error, and this would waste time.

oscar799 7 years ago

Currently Clem prefers to have testing done by the testing team - from a manageability point of view that does make sense
I'm marking this as "Rejected"

passstab 7 years ago

maybe there could be a distinction between testing team bug reports
and civilillian ones
so the former could get priority

jose_manuel 7 years ago

Honestly, I do not understand your comment Estimated ropetili. My Idea is aimed at that the users who so wish and consider it appropriate to download the versions of Linux Mint Testing. So we all could test them on our computers and may suggest more ideas to help make future versions of Linux Mint are still better than the present. Greetings !!

ropetili 7 years ago

So I just said: You think will be loaded as servers?

jose_manuel 7 years ago

Estimates: Thank you very much for your comments, I would like to join the team of Testing of Linux Mint 13 KDE, but I have do not really much time (do not know how long it takes to make a thorough testing). One thing I am sure: Linux Mint 13 (in all desktops, hopefully out versions for KDE, XFCE, LXDE, etc). Linux Mint 13 LTS it has to be a perfect version, great. Let's not forget that it is a LTS release, so it has to be excellent. I have a small question: anyone know if it this LTS will be supported for 3 years or 5 years (as Kubuntu) Thanks a lot !!!!

Tasyo 7 years ago

"Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow."
- Linus' Law by Eric Raymond, The Cathedral and the Bazaar

sunewbie 7 years ago

while I like this idea, Clem has reserved beta testing to dev team. error reporting has to be done in a systematic way and everyone has to follow a certain protocol.

Else Dev team will be flooded with reports, but would find it hard to de-bug them.

A better option would be to 'send request to Clem and Dev team to volunteer for beta testing' and initiate talks with them in IRC.

ulysses 7 years ago

When testing a lot that's good. If it involves only errors that's good.
The 13LTS will be a milestone and should be as good from the start.
If 13LTS fails, could the next following versions lacking until the next LTS follows (or otherwise). So do not panic.

cyclooctane 7 years ago

I do like this idea.
I often test for the opensuse beta releases. (I used to use opensuse before moved to Mint)
Fewer bugs that make it into the final release the better.