PySDM instal default

  9 years ago

PySDM be installed by default. Many users still use ntfs.

PySDM is a Storage Device Manager that allows full customization of hard disk mountpoints without manually access to fstab.
It also allows the creation of udev rules for dynamic configuration of storage devices
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Thinker 8 years ago

As Mint is more oriented towards newbies, I think encluding this software will be another plus point of Mint. Promoting this idea...

viking777 9 years ago

Thank you for introducing me to this tool, I have never heard of it before. It is extremely interesting, and I have just installed it (btw it runs on debian version as well although you have to start it from a terminal). However it is also very advanced and not suitable for a default installation. Mint is meant to be a beginners distro and most beginners would not have the slightest idea how to use this program. I am not sure I do either - yet. Another reason for rejecting it is because a decent file manager would do most of the things it can anyway including mounting ntfs read/write. A very interesting tool though.