LMDE Pack 4

  9 years ago

Be available for download a new LMDE containing package 4.
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dagon 9 years ago

As this was already decided and mentioned before you posted your idea I reject the idea.

new -> rejected

quake0 9 years ago

I think this is a given.

sunewbie 9 years ago

Clem in a comment to his blog, said that he will update ISO with UP 4


Read first comment by Clem.

A bit off-topic, but I’m sure people wonder about this as well:

- Yes, we will respin the LMDE ISOs for Update Pack 4
- No, we can’t say whether MATE or Cinnamon will be the default yet, and whether they will be on the same medium, but both will be fully supported.
- Yes, we’re also updating Firefox and Thunderbird to version 11.0

Since he is already going to respin ISO with UP 4, no point in voting. It's a standard thing to update ISO with latest apps and Update Packs

crismblog 9 years ago

It is not difficult to maintain and update, but it is easier and better.

chassum 9 years ago

Not sure how difficult to maintain, but being able to download up-to-date ISOs is an appealing idea.