Hardware Module, multiple Mint editions

  9 years ago

It would be useful if you could select multiple Mint editions, for example I know my printer works on Helena and Gloria but would have to submit two reports to say so.

Also, should there be x86/x64 or Main/KDE/XFCE options?

Love the idea of the Hardware Module!
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oscar799 8 years ago

This does seem sensible - I'm marking it as "Considered"

blueXrider 8 years ago

Ubuntu System Testing application

RavS 8 years ago

I support this idea.

blueXrider 8 years ago

Interesting idea but a conceptional challenge. It would be easier to make the hardware work with the distro than to re-select a different edition and then having to reboot into it again. I don't see this working.

passstab 8 years ago

i know its not always the case but i think most hardware is transcendent of de's (i have no idea about 86vs64) maybe the hardware that isn't (i.e power management) could have the option
and the ones that are (i.e wifi) could.

also shouldn't the second part be a separate idea?

frankeinstein 9 years ago

I just typed out practically a whole thesis as an idea on this topic and then found your idea, so I have deleted mine and I'm promoting yours. Nice one.
(Considering I'm promoting duplicate idea finder, you would think I would know better)

AgingTechnogeek 9 years ago

I have listed several pieces of hardware that work on Gloria, Helena, And Isadora. It would be nice to be able to say so in one listing rather than having to duplicate everything.

jkw 9 years ago

Think I've seen a similar idea.

It would be neat indeed to add more than one computer and/or edition. Like me, I've had 3 computers at most with all different editions

* Pluto (Bedroom computer) uses Mint 7 x86.
* Jupiter (Workstation) uses Mint 8 x64.
* Venus (Laptop - or should I say Dragtop?) used Mint 8 x86.

antonone 10 years ago

That's a good idea, I had Elyssa earlier, now I'm having Helena, so my reports contain information about both releases, not just one.

Alexio 10 years ago

AND there is... the Linux Mint Hardware Compatibility List at www.linuxminthcl.org

Alexio 10 years ago

www.ubuntuhcl.org - Ubuntu Linux Hardware Compatibility List

SeanBest 10 years ago

Yes! Multiple editions is a must as well as x86 or x64.