Linux Mint 13 KDE LTS must keep the integration with Mozilla Firefox.

  9 years ago

From my humble point of view, the only negative point up to the moment that I found Kubuntu 12.04 LTS was that from this version one will stop having integration with KDE for Mozilla Firefox. This should be different in Linux Mint 13 KDE, Linux Mint should continue to support and integrate KDE with Mozilla Firefox. The package firefox-kde-support must be included in Linux Mint KDE 13. We cannot give us the luxury of giving him the back to the best web browser of the world. Linux Mint 13 KDE should have a perfect integration between KDE and Mozilla Firefox.-
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lib2know 5 years ago

this status can be set to implemented since Firefox is pre-installed in Linux Mint KDE.

jose_manuel 9 years ago

Totally agree chris2006 !!!!

chris2006 9 years ago

I fully agree. My biggest complaint about Kubuntu is that it uses Konquerer as the default browser. It should use Firefox and Thunderbird as default browser and email applications.

I hope that Linux Mint KDE 13 will stay with Firefox and Thunderbird. Besides, Kubuntu's default audio player Amarok sucks. It should be Clementine instead.

MountainX 9 years ago

I agree that this is an important feature for Linux Mint. I plan to switch from Kubuntu 12.04 to Mint if this idea is implemented.

The lack of Firefox support in Kubuntu 12.04 is my main complaint about it.

psyckers 9 years ago

I totally agree, integrations is particularly important for e-mail programs.

dagon 9 years ago

Same version on the three latest ubuntu releases. Ref:§ion=all

Marked as considered.