Linux Mint 13 LXDE should bring LibreOffice included in the Live CD.

  9 years ago

A Great and a very simple Idea, and simultaneously... I believe, Very effective. Linux Mint 13 LXDE should include the suite LibreOffice in the Live CD. I in Linux Mint 12 LXDE had to lower it and to install it, and really its worth it. LibreOffice flies in the Linux Mint LXDE. It would be a good step towards Linux Mint's LXDE consolidation. To not complicate their things for new users, would be very good and come LibreOffice included in the Live CD of Linux Mint 13 LXDE.
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sunewbie 9 years ago

after the recent blog post, it is confirmed that there will be no LXDE and Fluxbox editions :(

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Clem's quote
"The team is currently working on KDE and Xfce editions for Linux Mint 13. After a poll was organized, it was decided the focus was going to be given to the most popular desktops within the Mint community. More focus was given to Xfce and the LXDE and Fluxbox editions which were previously only available in 32-bit were discontinued."

raneern99 9 years ago

I think that the point of LXDE is to be lightweight. Things like abiword are more lightweight

sunewbie 9 years ago

if it can be done, then it's a good idea :)

jose_manuel 9 years ago

Ok, but can be configured LibreOffice to consume very little memory (more easily than OpenOffice), you could implementing the default configuration and so include it in Linux Mint LXDE 13 !!!!

sunewbie 9 years ago

I stayed neutral, because I like LibreOffice.

sunewbie 9 years ago

fitting on a CD / DVd is another case and light on resources is another thing. LXDE is concerned about it's RAM usage. That's why to re-surrect older PCs, LXDE should only focus on lighter apps.Lighter by no means are inferior.

Customization is the power of Linux and LXDE can be used on a full blown modern desktop PC, but it's focus is on making older Pcs work.

jose_manuel 9 years ago

Estimated People, I also considered (at the time) that was inappropriate for the LXDE environment, but today there is very little price difference between a CD and a DVD, you can download 650 MB can also download 900 MB and burn to a DVD. If my Idea is approved, I think it would be great if Linux Mint LXDE 13 weighed a little more. For that matter Debian LXDE (live version) does not fit on a CD, you use a DVD. The LXDE desktop is still light, but would be a more complete version. Of course, Abiword and Gnumeric also be present along with LibreOffice. Would be Spectacular!!

ulysses 9 years ago

160 MB for LibreOffice would prevent that fits LXDE on a CD.
I take the time now to vote as an argument against it.

quake0 9 years ago

I like both Abiword and LibreOffice. I could go ether way.

crismblog 9 years ago

For LXDE proposed Abiword and Gnumeric not LibreOffice.

chassum 9 years ago

The key word in LXDE is "Lightweight". LibreOffice is a great suite, but doesn't qualify as lightweight.