Add Touchegg (touchpad gestures manager) in Mint

  10 years ago

A very useful tool to set up some touchpad gestures. There is a video in the link that show how it works.
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D-side 9 years ago

Not only this is useful for MacBooks, but for many recent laptops also.
My Acer Aspire 5750G features a nice multitouch trackpad I'm used to on Windows. I even installed the newest driver for it to support 3-finger gestures.
Still, it's not much compared to what Touchegg can offer. Configuration options there are quite limited.

Mintification 10 years ago

Great idea. I think a piece of software this useful(for Mac users especially) deserves to be in the repositories at least.

quake0 10 years ago

Great idea!

LexMK 10 years ago

Side note: this could be useful when using Mint on a MacBook because it has no right button. You can set right click as tapping on the touchpad with two fingers while the left will be tapping with one finger, as usual.