Respekt goes out to ..

  9 years ago

.. the Moderators.

The number of new ideas has fallen in significantly short time to 1144.
This makes me extremely happy. I am very grateful for the extra strain that the moderators have taken upon themselves.

I'm serious and I am really sincere. Thank you very much !!!

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dagon 9 years ago



It's hard to keep track of who does what in here. Please note that there are two new moderators, RayWoods and Trollboy, who are very much on the case with processing ideas and I've seen Vincent and Viking777 in here too.

Today we passed the 40% new ideas mark!

To get this post out of the way from the work I mark it as rejected. It's one of those "Happy" rejections if you know what I mean.


new -> rejected

kazztan0325 9 years ago

Especially @dagon and @oscar799 are working very hard to handle older ideas.
I appreciate their job.